High Value $1.50/1 Reynold’s Wrap Coupon Reset

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Well it looks like that super-nice high-value Reynold’s Wrap coupon has reset for me! I hope it has reset for you too- although it may depend on when you printed it last….

-$1.50/1 Reynolds Wrap Foil (35 sq. ft. or larger, excluding Wrappers™ foil sheets)

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  1. I also got the target coupon for $1/2 it was for Reynolds OR for the hefty zip lock bags and used the 1.50 Reynolds. I bought the 50 sq ft foil on price cut for 3.49 and the hefty zip lock bags in the travel section that are .99 cents. I paid 1.98 for both 🙂

  2. I got a target mailer last week that has a $1.00/2 Reynolds coupon in it. Don’t have it close by but look and see if you got it~~~might make a nice stack.

  3. Awesome! I LOVE the non-stick foil and used the last 2 to stock up on some more. I was able to print more today, thank you!

  4. Thanks!! Got 2 to print for me!! Great deal on Publix right now, they have them on sale for $2.99, with coupons, brings it down to $1.49!! I got 2 yesterday, it was for 75 sq. foot!!! Print them before they are gone!! Thanks, again!!!

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