Did You Get a FREE Lindt Chocolate Bunny Today?

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I hear that some Target stores are handing out FREE little Chocolate Lindt Bunnies as well as a coupon booklet today called One Hop Shops for Easter Eats with $12 in Target Store coupons inside. While this may not be at all locations, if you’re headed to Target today- it certainly can’t hurt to look around and ask an employee if they have any bunnies and Target coupons hiding anywhere! 😉 Kimberly even got an extra Breyer’s Target Coupon for $1/2 Breyer’s 1.5 Quarts.

The Target coupon booklet is valid thru 4/23 and contains the following store coupons…

$1/2 Archer Farms risottos, 6oz
$1/1 Godiva chocolate candy item
$1/2 Archer Farms trail mixes, 8oz+ (excludes multipacks and single-serve size)
$1/3 Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers
$.50/1 Kraft Homestyle macaroni & cheese dinner
$1/2 Pam cooking spray *AND* Wesson oil (must buy 1 of each)
$1/1 Multiserve frozen pie: Mrs. Smith’s PreBaked OR Edwards (excludes single-serve size)
$1/1 Starbucks packaged coffee, 10 to 12oz (offer only valid at Target stores)
$1.50/3: Kelloggs Rice Krispies 12oz+ AND 2 medium or large bags M&Ms Brand chocolate candies
$1/2 Betty Crocker cookie mixes
$1/2 Peepsters candy, 8oz
$1/1 Lindt Gold Bunny, 3.5oz: Dark Chocolate OR Milk Chocolate

-Thanks so much to Mary C, Valerie, Thalia & Brenda & for typing out the coupons Kimberly!

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  1. The books were just sitting next to the debit/credit card machines (on the “check-writing” area) at my store today. This was in Louisiana.

  2. Any luck in Las Vegas? I went yesterday and no one was giving anything out at the store. Vegas is so stingy on coupons.

  3. I am in the Kansas City area and my store had these. They had the booklets at every sample station. They had Godiva chocolates, Lindt Bunnies, mac& cheese, Starbucks and Green Giant vegetables. I also got the ice cream coupon. I had my 3 boys with me and they all gave each one of my boys a sample! We had a great day at Target yesterday!

  4. Got mine yesterday. Our store was just redone to be a fresh grocery store so this promo was going on all weekend. People in my store left them all over the place (didn’t want them I guess) so I was able to get a few extra’s for my mom and friends : )

  5. at my north carolina store I also recieved the bunny ,breyers coupon (she gave me 3), and the coupon booklet she also gave my son a bunny too.

  6. @ Sarah D. I visited the North Austin Target (I-35 & Parmer). I entered through the grocery side and a Target employee handed me the coupon booklet. She only had 4 left in her hand and she was gone by the time I checked out. I didn’t receive the chocolate bunny, even though I saw plenty in the cart, but you may want to ask the customer service desk. I’m sure they have extras.

  7. I got the coupon book,bunny and ice cream coupon all at my target. Great surprise to a great trip today oh and I went to the store in colonie ny

  8. Just got back from an Austin area Target and couldn’t find the coupon book. Was there a specific area of the store I should have checked, besides both front doors and the Easter displays? Customer service maybe? I glanced in customer service but didn’t see any.

  9. Got mine in Iowa…..they were giving away bunnies, Godiva gems, Starbucks Blonde samples and a new Kraft MAC and Cheese….I had 3 coupons books in my cart plus the one they gave me….and some HOT deals at Target today made this a super great Sunday~

  10. No bunnies for us. They were handing out the coupon booklet but no ice cream coupons. Ice cream coupons were slightly hidden but I saw them and picked one. I bet they were hiding the bunnies too because I saw some boxes hiding under the table. Sad when store so reputable do that.

  11. didn’t get free bunnies, but got the booklet and the breyers coupon! Theold lady giving out these was so sweet she gave me two booklets without asking 🙂

  12. I got one at the Coral Springs, FL Target on Westview Dr. They also had a great selection of the CARS die-cast cars (7 different ones)

  13. We didn’t get free bunnies, but we did get the booklet and the breyers coupon!

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