Great Deal on Mad Men DVDs: $4.99 Each thru 4/7

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There are some BIG savings to be had this week on TV shows on DVD, with as much as $30 off select titles such as Gossip Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, Fringe, Big Bang Theory and many more. If you like Mad Men or know someone who does, it was unadvertised, but also on sale at a deep dicount and there is a nice $5/1 coupon you can use to get some HUGE savings on Seasons 1- 4…

Mad Men Season 1, 2, 3 OR 4 $9.99 Each (sale thru 4/7)
-$5/1 Mad Men on Bluray or DVD Seasons 1-4 HERE
= $4.99 after sale and coupon or like saving around 78% ($19.99 – $22.99 Regular price)
If you have 2 computers for 4 prints, it’s like getting all 4 seasons for the Price of one season!

*If you don’t see a sign on your DVDs – don’t forget to scan just in case it’s not marked!

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  1. Thanks for all the feedback replies. I decided to try it, and was able to get Seasons 1-3, also with no problems, despite the very intense scrutiny of the wording by my cashier. 🙂 Such a fantastic deal, thank you, Kerry.

  2. I just used two on the first two seasons of Mad Men (my Target didn’t have 3 and 4) and there was no problem. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. This is my favorite show! Thank you for posting this deal, I’m off to snap them up!!

  4. Thank you. Has anyone tried using this $5 coupon on one season and been successful yet? I printed it out, and I noticed it reads “on your purchase of Mad Men Seasons 1-4 on DVD and Blu-Ray”. I’m concerned about that “s” on Seasons — I’m thinking my Target store, where the cashiers now stop and look at each coupon for 5-10 seconds, is going to tell me I need to buy all four seasons in order to use this one coupon. Hmm. I may give it a try later today and see.

  5. When I printed the above coupon, it shows to images, one of the Blu-Ray and one of the DVD, but states, “on DVD and Blu-Ray.” Are there two different coupons, or can this coupon be used on either?

  6. @Robert- the coupon is good on any one season of Mad Men (1-4) on DVD or Blu-ray. Each DVD will be $4.99 after 1 coupon hth

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