Pampers Wipes .75/1 Coupon Reset & Clearance Alert

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Just a heeads up that the .75/1 Pampers Wipes Coupon just reset for me! I hope you find the same thing too- although it may depend on when you printed it last. Clearance can vary greatly from store to store- but there are so many of you that have reported finding the Soft Care variety of Pampers Wipes on clearance in the 72 ct tubs and softpacks. A few of you have mentioned finding the clearance on the larger sizes too.

The clearance seems to still be holding at only 15% for most- anywhere from $1.90 – $2.07, but after the .75/1 Pampers Wipes 60 ct or larger HERE it can be as low as $1.15 for 72 wipes or about 1.5 cents a wipe if you find the clearance too. It is possible that the Pampers Diaper coupons have reset too- so you may want to give those a try too:

$1.50/1 Pampers Swaddlers Diapers  and $1.50/1 Pampers Cruisers or Baby Dry Diapers

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  1. The full size tubs are on clearance in my Target for $1.67! But its the unscented ONLY, not the baby fresh.

  2. Melanie, I think you mean .021 dollars per wipe or 2.1 cents per wipe. 😉 .021 cents per wipe would be BEYOND awesome. 🙂

  3. The thick care were still $2.03 in central CA but they are MUCH better than the regular pampers wipes. I gladly pay a little more for a softer wipe.

  4. they were on clearance at my store on wed, and i noticed most people say their stores mark down on thursdays so i decided to wait and buy. when i went on saturday, i saw one of the 3 packs that was clearanced in an employees cart of things they were dealing with but none of them were in the wipe aisle like before. i did not find them anywhere in the store. they had a lot of them too. the 3 packs were clearanced to $5.04 when i checked, but decided to wait and see if theyd get marked down more, then they were gone. Like those type of packages arent even there anymore. they are all soft care wipes and/or perfumed. i love the thick care wipes, makes me feel more protected. lol

  5. Headed to target for my (bi, tri..) weekly shopping trip hopefully I can find them as I’m on my last pack of wipes! That’s a good price if you don’t have any!

  6. My stock up price for wipes is $1 or less for 64-72 wipes and for diapers 11 cents or less per diaper. My store had the 216 count Pampers refill wipes on clearance for $5.34. So with the 75 cents off it would be .021 cents per wipe. These packs are normally $6.50 or more at Target. Scan several wipes to see if they’re on clearance, you might be surprised that it’s not labeled, but on clearance.

  7. Same here Amanda, these were not on clearance at my store, maybe they will be now? Any know of any stores in the Houston area please report in! Thanks everyone 🙂

  8. These weren’t on clearance at my store last week; I am hoping that they are today when I stop by after work.

  9. My store also had the Pampers Kandoo wipes (the refills -around 450 wipes?) on clearance for about $4…used my Pampers wipes coupon to get those for an awesome price! I love potty wipes for a cheap price!!! 🙂 Also the up and up brand baby and potty wipes were clearanced at my store (single packs and refill packs)…I used my $1/$3 up and up TQ that was expiring 3/24 on those! Love cheap wipees!!! 🙂

  10. What is a good stock up price for diapers?

    For Pamper’s diapers, under $0.20 per piece;

  11. I’m not a Mom but my friend is having a baby soon. Is 1.5 cents per wipe a good stock up price? What is a good stock up price for diapers? TIA!

  12. They were $2.24 at my store, coupon works; Be aware of that neither one has the GTG points sticker, you need to call pampers customer service @ 1-866-661-0671, tell them add the points to your GTG account.

  13. Bought the 3 pack of thick wipes on clearance and wish I didn’t! They feel do hard while using them in my baby I feel bad! They are on clearance for a reason…if I see the soft ones on sale I will definitely try those!

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