New $1/1 Method Coupon to Stack & Target Deals

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There is a new $1/1 Any Method Cleaning Product Coupon available to print up on Facebook. Just go to the Method Facebook Page HERE, and “Like” them and then Like the Coupon to print yours. Just a heads that this coupon prints on the bottom of the page with an ad above it.

We also have a $1/1 Method item Household Cleaning or Personal Care ETS Target Web Coupon x5/5 to stack with. This means you can pick up the Dish Soap, or handsoap or sprays or other cleaning items priced at $2.99 for just .99 cents after a stack.

We also have an unadvertised special Purchase Deal thru 4/7 right now to get $1 Instant savings at the register on the Smarty Dish Detergent wyb Method Dish Soap. So if you have interest in the Smarty Dish 20 ct tabs- you could also do this deal…

DEAL IDEA: Buy Method 18 oz Dish Soap ($2.99) & Smarty Dish 20 ct ($4.99) = $7.98
-$1.00 (get instant savings at the register for buying both
-$1/1 Method item Household Cleaning or Personal Care Target Web Coupon x5/5
-$2.00 (use two $1/1 Any Method Cleaning Product Coupon
= $3.98 for both or like getting for 50% Off.

*Note- Deal and prices valid thru 4/7. Deal and prices may be regional. There may also be $1 instant savings for buying 2 other Method products too.

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  1. I used the same method coupons and got two bottles of hand soap for a total of $.27. The soaps wrer on clearance for $2.08.

  2. Are the coupons on Facebook still available? I liked method and the coupon but still don’t know where to print them.

  3. @Allison- if I am understanding your ? right- the $1 savings is for buying both- so you oly get that once for buying both products. my scenario already uses 2 MQs-and the reason I only list 1 TQ is per the wording on the coupon. While many stores still allow you to use 2 identical printable TQs in one transaction- more and more stores are enforcing the one coupon or offer per guest wording that appears on target coupons. hth

  4. Kerry, I’m right there with you when it comes to the kids’ math homework! : / Which is why I have to ask this question. Can I use a 2 TQs and 2 MQs – one stack for the dishwasher tabs and another stack for the soap? Will they still give the $1 instant savings? That would make $5 off, or the tabs free.

  5. I’ve wanted to try the Method products for a while. How often do they go on sale?

  6. I got four Method handsoaps on clearance for .54 cents (yummy watermelon smell) after stacking these coupons. Thank you!

  7. Thank you so much for the heads up on the Method Facebook coupon! I have coupons they sent to me like 3 years ago that expire this year and just used my last 2 a few days ago! Thanks again and for more coupons from Method and freebies go to their site and sign up to “fight dirty”. 🙂

  8. Another thing to add to my Target list for tomorrow’s trip! Thank you so much for letting us know about all these great deals. It’s like a treasure hunt in every department! : )

  9. @Linda- actually now that I am thinking about it I am not sure if it will work on handsoap. I dunno- sometimes I think I think too hard. My brain tells me since it doesn’t say household cleaning then yes- but not sure if that is splitting hairs or not. I think I wore myself out today tryig to help my son with his first grade math homework. lol

  10. I have seen some method products on clearance at my store, i think its mostly hand soap though.

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