Target After-Easter Clearance Up to 70% Off

Many of you should find Easter Clearance up to 70% Off today if your store has anything left and bagged Candy will be down to 50% Off. There may be some stores that will hold out and will perhaps drop tomorrow, but even if your signs still say 50% Off- I do suggest scanning a couple things just to be sure they maybe just didn’t switch out the signs yet.

Be sure to take a good look around the store as well. Toddler Easter Dresses have been spotted also on clearance, some home goods like holiday bakeware or holiday-themed accessories like girls tights & socks may also be on clearance but may not have made their way to the clearance area.

If you have any Basket stuffers left in that section- watch for items you can use for next year or stocking stuffers or party favors. Also watch for Easter-themed Gold Fish Bags and other every day snack foods, and it’s a nice time to pick up Easter grass, plastic eggs and any other non-perishables you can use for next year. Let me know if you find anything good if your store went to 70 today!

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  1. Anyone have extra Lifesaver coupons that they wont be using??? I went to print one of the $1 off coupons and it’s saying it’s over. Would really love to get in on some of the good deals! If you have any please email me… pandacat49 at yahoo dot com. Thank you so much!!

  2. Bristol, VA – I picked up a bunch of stuff for birthday treat bags out of the 70% clearance in the $1 bins. Also picked up stackable organizers in primary colors. From Easter clearance, I found 3 Duncan Yo-Yo’s for 0.89 each, Little People Wheelies, Phineas & Ferb Candy (birthday bags), and Monster Jam truck. The only chocolate I picked up was a pack of the Lindt Bees & Bugs for myself.

  3. I got the marshmallows also for .35 but used a .40/2 mfg coupon so I paid .15 a bag! Also picked up the 6-pk of butterfinger eggs for .95 and a 4-pk of cadbury eggs for 1.01. Great snacks for hubby’s lunch. My Target had tons of candy but very little of anything else 🙁

  4. Dollar spot 70% off including greeting cards, gift bags, pencils, two pack pens, post it style notepads, and bubbles. I picked up a bunch of notepads for teachers and pencils for the kids at school. Easter clearance I found mega blok power ranger packs and dragonz something for $0.89. My boys LOVE those mystery packs! Thomas train in an egg, disney princess lip gloss $1.19, lip smackers. Individual candy such as single reeses eggs, nerd ropes (my kids LOVE these), lick-a-maid, cadbury eggs, chocolate bunnies were 70% off, all other candy was 50% off. Lots of spring bakeware, pancake molds also 70% off.

  5. I was able to pick up Grab & Go Play Packs with coloring stuff for .89!

    And on another note I found bathroom rugs (nice and thick) for 4.54 marked down from 29.99

  6. I found a plush bunny and chick, $1.49 each. I also picked up some more plastic eggs, a little people wheelies, coloring kit and stickers.

  7. I was able to pick up the Hot Wheels 5 packs for $1.49, I bought 14 packs for a total of $20.86 and used the $5 off $20 hot wheels target coupon and the $5 off $20 hot wheels mfr coupon. So $10.86 after coupons, makes each pack $0.78 and each car $0.16. Pretty cool when you have a lot of boys.

  8. you are lucky to find that much at your store. mine was already shelf clear at 50 percent off .couldnt find anything .

  9. will it go to 90%? my store had a ton of stock today at 70%, so i’m thinking of trying to hold out…

  10. the lynnwood, wa store was 70/50%, even though there was one isle of candy that was actually 70% (mainly the peeps, cadbury eggs and a couple other types that i dont remember)

  11. I picked up the Annies and the Goldfish to put in my dd treat bags since her birthday party is on Sunday. I found several boxes of the pillsbury cake mix (.20) and the marshmellows. I also was lucky to get the spring cookie decorator box of 12 cookies for 70%… easy party treat for the kids—I found one set of the hotwheels Easter cars, two the the disney princess polly pocket dolls (in plastic egg packaging) and several of the Mega blocks Hello Kitty items. My store also had tons of dollar spot items at 70% so I am set for the birthday party. –University Target in Orlando.

  12. My Target – Falls Church, VA-had 70% off most easter stuff, i picked up:
    4 Goldfish Color easter 6.6oz bags at only $0.59 each!
    2 Jet Puffed bunny shape marshmallows each bag only $0.35.
    Little People Happy Easter figures $1.19 only found one

  13. 70% off today in Harrisburg, PA, as expected. The things I picked up were a Bundt cake pan ($3.59), wilton pink spatula ($1.79), Little People Wheelies car ($1.19, but all they had left was 1 pink one), 12 pack of plastic eggs (.29), bags of Annie’s graham snacks (.35), and little cartons of goldfish (.29). Candy was 50% off, dollar spot at 70% off. Some of the checkouts still had the goldfish and Annie’s snacks mixed in with the regular ones–look for the colored goldfish with bunny ears and nose on the goldfish on the front and Easter eggs on the sides. The Annies snacks on clearance are the ones shaped like bunnies, and the bag had a tie-dye pattern on it.

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