Wonka Coupon & Candy Clearance = as Low as 72¢

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So if you are lucky enough to have a lot of Easter clearance left at your stores and your Candy dropped to 50% Off- Valerie reminded me that we have a $1.25 off 2 WONKA® Candy (12 oz or larger) coupon HERE. The Wonka SweeTarts 12-14 oz Bags of Candy will be as low as $1.34 on clearance for many of you today- and you can use this coupon to get them for .72 cents each wyb 2.

-Thanks for the reminder & picture to Valerie!

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  1. Ok, never mind. I just now found the post. I don’t know why I couldn’t see it before, LOL!!!

  2. Hey I’ve been looking online but haven’t seen it anywhere yet, but can we stack the Target Life Savers coupon (75cents) with the MQ Life Savers ($1) to get better than free Life Savers? I haven’t tried it but the wording seems to work so I was wondering if anyone had tried it yet.

  3. Has anyone seen these in Georgia Targets? Aside from the great deal, my pregnant friend is craving these and I’ve looked everywhere for them for the past three days.

  4. nope. the answer is 7. the order of operations… remember “please excuse my dear aunt sally” or parenthesis, exponents, multiply, divide, add, subtract. so it would be 5×0=0 so 9-5=4+0+3= 7. yeah, i know its crazy but that was my brush up on math yesterday. lol, see it makes you feel like you dont now anything anymore.

  5. Christine, I do not have a facebook so I would not know. But, at since zero is multiplied, the answer for that problem would automatically be 0.

  6. did you see that math problem on fb too??? lol it was 9-5+5×0+3=? the answer is NOT 3.

  7. yes apparently I can’t add, or subtract either lol. I get 72 cents too- I do make mistakes- I’m human after all 😉

  8. ok just making sure im not completely stupid when it comes to math. there was a math problem going around on fb yesterday, and i of course got the answer wrong along with tons of other people. its the order of operations…. but i did this one over and over and got .72 each time. lol

  9. Christine, 1.34 + 1.34 = 2.68
    2.68 – 1.25 = 1.43
    $1.43 is the total for two bags.
    1.43 divided by 2 = .715 = .72
    It would be $.72 per bag.
    I agree with you!

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