New $2/1 Revlon Target Coupon = More Freebies!

There are just a ton of new Target printable Coupons this morning & I will get a list of all the new ones up for you shortly but I first wanted to point out some awesome news! We have a new $2/1 Revlon Beauty Tools Target Web Coupon x5/19 to to get some more great Revlon Freebies.

I am sure this coupon will go super fast, so grab it while it lasts! Just a note- that some stores do not carry the lower-priced Revlon products- but if your store does this coupon can be used to get all sorts of Beauty tools cheap and FREE.

There are several select Nail files, Nail Clippers, Tweezers and more priced at $2.49 or less at some stores that will be FREE or super cheap with just this coupon. This coupon states right on it that it cannot exceed the value of the item purchased but it will (or should) automatically round down at the register if your item is less than $2. You can also stack this coupon with the $1/1 Revlon Beauty Tool 4-1-12 SS x4/30 to get $3 Off!

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  1. When I now read what Viv says above…maybe she is right. I have been waiting for the 3 targets around me to restock the cheaper tools so I could use the target website $5 off of 2 coupon. They’ve either been out of stock for over 2 wks or there are tons of couponers here that fight me for them. Can’t be! Only thing restocked was $2.14 tweezers and $1.42 nail clippers in one, and $1.42 and $2.24 nail clippers in the other two. No nail files what so ever. So, it really limits what you can get nearly free or free for 2/$5. Other $3 items were out of stock for over 2 weeks too (nail buffers, pretty nail files, double nail file pks) Waiting to see if things will be restocked before this next coupon expires, which is 5/12, i think.

    And, the target manager would not let me use more than one $5/2 coupon, even though I split them into two xsactions, no one waiting. Says they are “cracking down”. Why let us print two coupons if she says I have to COME BACK AGAIN to be another customer, not just get into another line or leave store and circle back in? Target, please just train everyone the same!

  2. The target I went to today WOULD NOT ALLOW me to stack the coupons!! After being in line with the manager for 20 mins I finally took all my coupons back and left the cart.. Called target corp and they said they should have adjusted down the coupon which I knew that, This location is by far the worst store ever in the St. Louis Market. I will now drive almost 10 miles out of my way use every coupon on the excate same item and not have a single problem.. I have said to myself before to stop going to that location but it is so close.

  3. I don’t mean to be rude by saying this but I can assure you guys that those of us who work at Target including those in management have plenty to do without strategically NOT stocking items to coincide with coupons. If you had any idea how busy we are from management all the way down to the little guy you would know this just is not the case. Furthermore the last thing any of us want is an angry customer. Maybe it’s only my store but I highly doubt any member of management would do such a thing. Anytime a guest is angry it makes management look bad.

    One thing you should be aware of are those couponers who clear us out of stock as fast as we can put it out. The store only has a finite amount of product and if one person buys a cart load of say glade items (have seen it done more than once) well then guess what folks we probably won’t get enough in for you to use your coupons before they expire.

    Having said that I am a couponer too so I am well aware of how annoying it is to run out to get an awesome deal and then there’s nothing left. Really though guys we aren’t the only ones out shopping so what do you expect? Thankfully now Target has implemented new rules that allow us to only sell a reasonable amount to one person. Of course this is a huge gray area and gets some people mad but again it’s really only those few people who do things like buy a cart load of glade products at a time. We’ve also gotten far more strict and have to watch closer with all the coupons too because the amount of fake or altered coupons we’ve been getting is a big problem. Then of course add in the people who will argue for twenty minutes that they should get to use a coupon that isn’t even for the item they purchased or that they should get a five dollar gift card because they didn’t read the sign right and only purchased one item instead of four…..well you get the idea.

    Please understand I’m not at all saying Target is perfect, far from it actually. I’m also not trying to pick on couponers because I am one. The point I’m trying to make is that it’s sort of a give and take between couponers and the store. Unfortunately it seems that a few bad apples (both couponers and store managers) can ruin this for all of us.

    I would say to the person who overheard management saying that to call Target headquarters immediately. This is not the type of thing that should be happening and it makes us all look bad. I wish you could all shop at our store…we’d take care of you!

  4. @ Mallory S. I would love to but this week im out of stamps!!!! UGH!!! i almost took your offer!!!!! LOL, and i have the greenworks coupons! i have 6 (only need 2 of them…) printed from multiple computers.
    Oh well.. 🙁

  5. Hey would anyone like two prints of this target coupon? My store does not carry these items. Would love to trade via mail for another print such as a target green works or target method! Email me [email protected]!

  6. is the coupon gone???

    not that really matter, my stores are empty in the beaty tool section, and they don’t restock, i was able to get some tools last week, but i been getting some more at walgreens…

  7. I just did this deal today and was happy to find my Target actually VERY well stocked with Revlon beauty tools, surprising seeing how many people don’t have them at their Target, b/c mine is notorious for being out of stock of great sale items. They even have a box of nail files product there with a “New at Target” sign on it, it seems like those new products are usually well stocked.

  8. @Lori, I use Target coupons all the time at Publix, who accepts them as a competitor and never have any problems, I would be shocked if they did not accept the Revlon Q.

  9. Melissa! i am having the same problem i do not no know what to do to fix it either i’m searching!!

  10. My target was sold out of everything except tools that are $3.89 and up. However, I did find some nail files for $2.89. I brought one and use the $2.00 off coupon and $1.00 off Catalina manufacturer coupon. The Catalina did not go through but the cashier push it though. I explain to the cashier to adjust the coupon but she doesn’t know how. I ended up with a $0.11 MM and another $1.00 off Catalina.

  11. Has anyone tried to redeem the $5 coupon at another store that accepts competitor’s coupons? I haven’t been able to find a Target store in stock either, but our nearby Giant grocery store has Revlon beauty tools and I’ve heard they accept competitor’s coupons, though I’ve never tried to use one there.

  12. I am new at this. I have a question regarding how many coupons you can use. For example can I use two coupons if i purchase 2 nail clippers. $2.49-$2= .49 (doing this deal twice). The target fine print on the coupon says “limit one coupon per purchase or offer per guest.” Does this mean I could only use one or make different transactions. Iam confused

  13. Viv – I bet if you just ask they will go back in the back and get them! That seems a bit odd that target doesnt want to make money!!
    I would email corporate about that one!

  14. I finally saw signs at one of the stores I shop at for revlon tools but they weren’t stocked yet. The signs said “new at target”

  15. I went to 2 different Targets and none had a sign – Revlon tools or at least I didn’t find it. Where are they usually located at Target?

  16. Used this coupon this morning on the $1.69 nail boards and it worked like a charm automatically rounding down at the register to take $1.69 off!

  17. At mine, they had finally gotten them in 3 days before the coupons expired. I had bought almost all they had! Also, at my store those box of nail filers costs $2.99!

  18. I was at Target a few months ago and I overheard a supervisor/manager talking to his coworker that they don’t stock up on things couponers can get free. They wait til the coupon is almost expired and then they stock up. Last week I went to find Revlon tools and not one was to be found. I paced around aisles 2-3 times to be sure I wasn’t overlooking. There wasn’t even a tag that said Revlon tools. They must’ve removed it and made room for other things. Very disappointing… I don’t shop Target as much as I use to anymore. Why give us all these ways to get target coupons (newspapers, target website, mobile coupons) and not put out anything for us to get a good deal on?

  19. Is anyone else having problems with the target website??? I have enable cookies and lowered security and it keeps telling me that cookies need to be enabled… please help!!!

  20. I’ve been to 4 Targets in the area in the past week and all are cleared out of beauty tools – 2 of them I’ve been to a few times in past month and they’ve been cleared out since the first day the $5/2 came out.

  21. You cannot combine this with the MQ from 4/1. That Q actually states it cannot be combined with any other Q.
    I tried using it with some left over $5/2 TQ’s and it beeped. Read the fine print and dang…. no luck!

  22. Anyone remember the $5/2 Revlon Beauty Tools a long time ago that created some freebies? Well, if you got this deal, a catalina was printed for $1/1 Revlon Beauty Tool (manufacturer) exp. 6/13/12 ! So, you if still have those manufacturer catalinas, you can stack for $3 off one Beauty Tool! 🙂

  23. Same here! I won some $5/2 target revlon coupons but wasn’t able to use them because the shelves were always empty. Pretty disappointing.

  24. I was going to say the same thing! Only freebies if there is ever anything on the shelves!

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