The Latest Clearance Finds this Week at Target

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Here’s what has been spotted on clearance this week along with any coupon matchups I could find. Remember- clearance can vary greatly from store to store- there is no guarantee you will find the same or for the same
discount. But I try & list specific varieties, prices & other details when I can, since not everything gets stickered and sometimes it’s worth a quick scan to check.

GROCERY: Luckily there are a few good clearance finds this week in grocery. First off, I saw a ton of Raspberry flavored Jell-O for 15% off at .92 cents and we have a -.50/2; $1/4 Jell-O Gelatin or Pudding, any 03-25-12 SS x4/25 to make it as low as .68 cents if you find the same. I also saw Betty Crocker Devil’s Food Super Moist Cake Mix, marked down to $1.13. Even though it’s only 15% Off- Betty Crocker Rich Frosting is on a Price Cut – so if you find the clearance- your deal would look like this:

Betty Crocker Devil’s Food Super Moist Cake Mix $1.13 (15% Off Clearance)
Betty Crocker Rich & Creamy Frosting, Select Varieties 16 oz $1.27 (PC thru 4/28)
-$1/2; .75/2 Betty Crocker SuperMoist Cake Mix AND Ready to Spread Frosting 3-25-12 SS x5/19
= as low as $1.40 for both or .70 cents each


A few of you also reported seeing Hungry Jack Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix for 15% off and I got quite a few e-mails about Any’tizers snacks being as much as 50% Off – as low as $3.98 & in several varieties too. There are a few coupons out there too- in case you find the same…
-$1/1 Tyson Any’tizers Snacks, any bag – 03-04-12 SS x6/8
-$1/1 Tyson Any’tizers Snacks, any bag – 01-22-12 SS x4/22
-$1/1 Any’tizers Snacks Manufacturer’s Site HERE

There are a few new things that people reported in Health & Beauty this week. Most all of it was only 15-30% Off, but worth keeping any eye on if you like any of these products to see if it drops any more or you find it lower. Here’s what was mentioned to me along with any matchups  I could find…

Cover Girl Lashblast Volume Mascara
-.50/1; .20/1 Covergirl Lip or Eye Product ETS 3-18-12 RP x4/30
-$1/1 Covergirl 4-1-12 PG x4/30
Jergen’s Natural Glow Foaming Daily Moisturizer Bonus Packs
-$1/1 Curel or Jergens Skin Care Target Coupon ETS 3-11 SS x5/12
-$3/2 Jergens Moisturizers, any 4 oz+ 3-4-12 SS x4/21
John Frieda Luxurious Volume Hairspray
-$2/1 John Frieda Product ETS and Full Repair – 03-04-12 SS x4/28
Aveeno Nourish & Shine Shampoo
-$2/1 Aveeno Body Wash or Hair Care Product ETS 4-15-12 SS2 x5/30
Dove Hair Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Detangler & Other select Dove Hair Care
B2G1: FREE Dove Styler wyb 2 Dove Hair Care ETS Target Web Coupon x5/5
-$1/1 Dove Hair Care ETS 3-25-12 RP x4/22
$2/1 Dove Hair Care ETS (must play game)
-$1/1 Dove, Shampoo, Conditioner or Styling Product ETS

Also, be sure to check out my post HERE about select Revlon Cosmetics being found on clearance up to 50% Off. 

KIDS CLOTHING: There has been quite a bit of kids clearanced clothing but you still may want to keep watch for further markdowns. In girls’ clothing, lots of tee shirts, bathing suits, jeans and skirts are marked down 30% Off. Some really cute Hello Kitty tee shirts were as low as $6.28.

In the boys’ department, Teena found some Disney tee shirts marked down 50% off and Shawn White tee shirts for 30% off. Also, if you happened to find the kids’ rain coats on clearance that I reported on last week, you may also be able to find rain boots to match – as I saw a bunch marked down this week to 30% off and maybe some of you will find them even lower. I remember when Austin LIVED in rain boots for like 6 months and refused to where anything else- I don’t know what it is about kids and rain boots. 😉

There were some nice clearance finds this week in the mens department. At her store, Julie found a nice assortment of graphic tee shirts on clearance up to 70% off, so as low as $3.88! Also spotted, mens’ long-sleeved dress shirts by Merona marked down 85% off to $3.44! These were tucked into the back corner of the mens’ department so you many want to scout around at your store to see if you can find the same. There were lots of Denizen jeans as well, marked down 50% off to $12.48. Also spotted in the Womens’ department,
a nice assortment of wallets on clearance up to 50% off.

ELECTRONICS: Finally, Heather reports further markdowns in the Electronics department, as much as 70% off on webcams, screen guards for the iPod and other iPod accessories, portable soundbars and much more. Heather found this great VuPoint Photo Cube Compact Photo Printer made for the iPod, iPhone, & iPad for 70% off marked down to $38.98. So electronics may just be an area to check out the next time you’re in. And don’t forget to scan just in case- you never know – you may just find a lower price than what is on the sticker!

-Thanks for the contributions this week to Heather, Teena, Jill, Julie, Valerie & Kelley!

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  1. I work at Target and wanted to let everyone know about changes possible to your store-because there happening at mine. The reason Target cashiers seem to be all anal about coupons lately is because they are coming down hard on us cashiers-looking over every coupon that is being redeemed. Target is experiencing alot of coupon fraud. We had someone cut off all the expiration dates and try to use those coupons and because people are trying to use high value coupons and return items without a receipt to make money they have a $70 limit/year on returns without a receipt. We’ve also been told not to accept any electric toothbrush, men’s electric shaver, Crest white strips, Food saver systems or any other high dollar item that we know has high value coupons available for return without a receipt or proof of purchase. A few bad apples making it harder for us couponers.

  2. Today I found a two pack of Maybeline Baby lips for $2.98 used a target $1.00 off and a Maybeline $1.00 off. Two Baby Lips for $.98.

  3. I have 3 coupons $10 GC for new or transferred prescription (exp 6-11-12). If you want them send me an email: [email protected](dot)com. I’m leaving town soon, so I need to hear from you today if you want one.

  4. @Vanessa: My target doesn’t care if I use 2, sometimes I get the picky cashier who makes me do two transactions, but I always have at least 1 kid with me too, so she counts as a customer. Usually they just do the coupons in one big transaction, which I love.

  5. Just wanted to comment that yesterday I found an encap FULL of Easte Goldfish, I just couldn’t believe my eyes on how many there was!! So I run to the price checker, since last week I bought about 4 (o the little boxes, that are usually .99 cents) for .29 cents, and it says “item not found”:( so of course I don’t give up, I go to guest service and tell the manager that I have the receipt in the car if he wanted to see it, asked him if he would give them to me for .29 cents, he said how many did I want, I am told him I’ll take the whole encap:) so he tells me that he can return them to the manufacturer and get a full refund, but he said, since ur a regular, and u know that:) I’ll let u take 10 for .29 cents:) “deal”:) so I was a happy camper!!:) my advice guys, it doesn’t hurt to ask, specially sice us couponers are well know with the managers, since every know and them u have to call them to the register, I LOVE Target, and I love the Coustomer Service!!:) and again guys: IT DOESN’T HURT TO JUST ASK!!:) love ur site and all that u do for us!!:)

  6. There were Brita pitchers on clearance at my store. I think 50% off-down to $16ish from $32ish. I know we have coupons out there for these.

  7. I am curious if you can use two of the same target coupons in one shopping trip, maybe in two different transactions or the same transaction because it states on the coupon one per guest?

  8. Yesterday at Target in TN I found L’Oreal Youth Code moisturizer (packaged with a free full-sized bottle of YC face wash) on clearance for $15.38 (down from $20-something), and used the $3 TQ. Also found some great deals on clearnace lightbulbs – a 6-pack of GE bulbs on clearance for $2.98 (down from $9.99) and used my $2 TQ. There were on an endcap a few rows down from the regular display.

  9. @Cara Love finding Shower Curtains on Clearance. I put a couple in the back of the car for emergencies if we need to change a tire and need something to lay on the ground, or for a picnic table cloth. Of course I use the plastic ones not the pretty cloth ones. Very handy much thicker than a piece of plastic and I dont feel bad throwing it away if its too soiled if I got it on sale for a couple of bucks!

  10. I found Purell marked down from 2.08 to .56. I paired it up with $1/3. I got 3 bottles for 68 cents. Great for my kids back to school list. I like to plan ahead for that.

  11. So today at Target in MN I got cottage cheese and pork sausage on clearance – hmmmmm

  12. Ooh! I hope I can get the mascara and Jergens Natural Glow on clearance… I’ve been dying to try a ‘self tanner’. (Is that even what it’s called?)

  13. I am in Central Florida, East side and my Target has all of this stuff on clearance. There is normally a ton of clearance and mostly it matches what is posted on here 🙂

  14. My awesome clearance find today was the My First Crayola Mess Free Marker and Paper (Colorwonder paper) – found the last one on an end cap so be on the lookout…It was originally $7.99 and it said it was on clearance for $5 (something)…It rang up for $2.38 and I still had a My First Crayola $1 off coupon…got it for $1.38…personally think that is probably all it is worth ($7.99 is way too much for this item) but my daughter seems to like it! Got some great deals today…the fact that I left target and spent less than $100 is amazing LOL

  15. @desiree, which target in ny do u go to? the 2 or 3 around me in queens have pretty good clearance most of the time.

  16. I was able to pick up something for me this time with all the mark downs. I used the TQ buy 1 get 2nd 50% off accessories and picked up braclets for $2.80; 2nd pair was only $1.40!!!! then on the clothes i was able to get for $3 and $4 dollars using the Mossimo and Merona TQ!!! Thanks for your site from Lauderhill, FL

  17. I found a pack of 48 energizer batteries that was marked down from $19.99 to $13.98. I scanned it and it rang up for $9.99. I paired it with the $0.75 coupon. My kids were so excited that we have batteries for their toys.

  18. My Target is remodeling and has half of the bathroom items on clearance! I saw the pancake mix today and my store had Smuckers Hot Fudge Ice Cream sauce, nuts and sprinkles for ice cream and Quakers Granola bars-I forget which flavor- on clearance. I bought 2 of the Colgate kids toothpaste on clearance after coupon for $1-I know toothpaste is an item that we can usually get for free but my little one wanted to try watermelon flavored paste.

  19. Today at my Target I found toddler boys t-shirts marked at 70% off down to $1.50! I picked up 4 of them. There seems to be a lot of clearance at my Target right now but I am wondering if it is because they are going through a remodel- it will now carry the larger grocery section!

  20. Target is one of my favorite stores! I did see the Rice Krispies Gluten Free cereal on clearance for $2.86 at my Target in Houston.

  21. I never find these good deals at MY target! Could it be because I live in New York? Maybe I need to go to New Jersey…. 🙁 I love Target though…

  22. Last time I went into target I pick up a charging dock type thing for the iPhone. Was down from $42 to $13!!

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