Mad Men DVDs Only $5.49 Each at Target thru 4/28

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UPDATE:  It looks like the coupon is gone now….

I am happy to say that it turns out all 4 seasons of MadMen are included in the deal at Target thru 4/28! This offer is to instantly save $15 at checkout wyb 2 select TV on DVD. We have a $5/1 Mad Men DVD (good on any season from 1-4) that can make this a very sweet deal!

DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 Seasons of Mad Men ($17.99) = $35.98
-$15.00 (instant savings at checkout for buying 2 qualifying TV on DVD
-$10.00 (use two $5/1 Mad Men on Bluray or DVD Seasons 1-4 HERE
= $10.98 for both or $5.49 each after coupons and Target Deal

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  1. must have gotten it fixed today cause mine rang up perfectly. I handed it to her last and told her this one might have an issues since the $15 wasnt ringing up for others. As soon as she scanned the 2nd one (i got season 3 &4) it said 17.99 and underneath sai -$15.00. So that was nice. glad I didnt have to deal with that hassle!

  2. It’s a total glitch in their system! I had to bring my receipt back to customer service for them to adjust the price for $15 off since it didn’t take it at point of purchase…they totally understood that the computers and ad didn’t match up. I will have to go to another store today to have them fix another purchase (had to buy at two different stores because they sold out at one store). I don’t expect any problems as the ad and signs clearly state you only have to buy 2 dvds. I suggest you go back and get your money credited! They even gave me a $3.00 target gift card for my trouble with the first go around. If they made the mistake, they need to honor what was advertised….

  3. This seemed like a really good deal until people were saying that the $15 wasn’t taken off at the register. I highly doubt my manager would manually subtract 15 bucks for me. You’re lucky if you were able to do this deal successfully. 🙂

  4. Here are the promotion details according to online:
    promotion details.
    $15 discount valid on purchase of 2 or more select TV on DVD title items. Savings applied at checkout. Discount not applicable to GiftCards, e-GiftCards, gift wrap, tax, or shipping and handling charges. May not be applied to previous orders. Offer expires 4/28/2012 at 11:59pm ET

    Note that it specifically states “savings applied at checkout.” So why would you get an extra $15 off online, but not in store when its the same promotion??? Furthermore, if they were like $5 before with just the coupon, it makes sense that it would be about the same again.

  5. Tried to purchase sets 2 and 3 this morning and they told me the same thing as Crystal- the total savings is $15. So since the original price was $22.99 and the dvds rang up at $17.99, I already saved $10 buying 2 and they gave me another $5 off manually. They said it was save $15 when you buy 2, not an EXTRA $15. I think he was just making it up as he goes along haha Hopefully the situation will get fixed later in the week.

  6. Hello all, I did the deal and $15 wasn’t taken off either so I went to Customer Service and the reason it’s not taking off $15 is because on their system it says something on the lines of “Buy 2, save $15 off the 3rd dvd”. When she scanned 2 DVDs nothing was taken off, when she scanned the 3rd dvd it took off $15 automatically. The manager looked at the weekly circular and said it’s a glitch in the system. Just a word of caution, bring your circular with you.

  7. The coupon might not be available anymore. I don’t see it as something that I have already reached my print limit on anymore. It was there this morning. That’s when I printed them.

  8. They are full of it Crystal!!
    You get the sale price, AND my store had signs saying right below the DVDs that if you buy two, you get an extra $15 instant savings.
    The savings from the sale was only like $5, said so right on the sign. They were originally $22.99, and on sale for $17.99. That doesn’t add up to $15 instant savings-they’re not too bright.
    My store didn’t have the instant savings ringing up right either, but they did an override. ALL 4 seasons of Mad Men were clearly marked at my store that they were eligible for the $15 deal.

  9. I went this morning and got all 4 seasons. The register only took the $15 off when they scanned the third DVD. So obviously there was a miscommunication with what the sign would read and how the register should be programmed. But they were really nice about it and just took the other $15 manually. Killer deal. My husband was really excited about it. He even said we should print more coupons and get more for gifts. HAHA.

  10. I bought season 2 and 3 this morning and used two coupons just fine. However, I had to get a manager over to take the $15 off because the cash register didn’t do it on its own.

  11. Ok so I went to my target to do this and it did not ring up the $15 savings. The cashier and manager told me I saved $15 from the sale, not an additional. I don’t think this is right…. but oh well 🙁 So it was $27 for the two sets.

  12. What zipcode did you use for the coupons on I can’t find any Madmen coupons.

  13. I went to my local Target today to do this deal and the instant $15 did not come off. When I said something to the cashier – he called the manager over who said it was an ad mistake and they would honor it today only.

  14. Just printed the $5/1 Mad Men coupon — I printed it today, and the expiration is TOMORROW (4/23)…so if you want to grab this deal, you will have to do it quickly! 🙂

  15. Our local Target is really cracking down on limited one coupon per person. I’ve had to do a lot of sweet talking lately for them to take multiples, especially when it came to the Green Works deal. Some employees told me they are at risk of being written up for it.

  16. one coupon per purchase means one coupon per DVD purchased. Some coupons state one per transaction which is a whole other ballgame, but this one does not. hth

  17. The target I went to yesterday would only let me use one identical coupon for everything… like I tried to do the California pizza kitchen deal and she said I can only use ONE of the $1 off manufacturer coupons..Even though I have done this at a different target a couple times last week with no problems.

  18. I hate to be “Debbie Downer”, but the way the coupon reads you can only use one coupon per person per purchase. Does this mean only one per transaction?

  19. its off one, but you can get seasons one through four. i am super excited about this because last time it was only $5 my friend got it to see what it was and now wants seasons 3 & 4. Her bday is tuesday so i was hoping it would go on sale again so I could get her both seasons for cheap. I am making her a gift basket of things i have bought cheap with coupons, and its stuff she uses. She is actually the one who got me into couponing, so she will appreciate it.

  20. Be careful everyone!!
    My DVDs did ring up at $17.99, but the $15 instant savings did NOT come off.
    Took 3 associates, and 5 minutes of discussion and they did an override and put it through.
    All 4 seasons were clearly marked at my store that they were part of the buy 2, get $15 off, but they just weren’t ringing correctly.
    I was also happily surprised that they had quite a few of each season still left at my store.

  21. Is that $5 off coupon good for any ONE of those seasons? With the way it’s worded, it’s hard to tell if you can buy one or if you have to buy all of seasons 1-4. (Says “Save $5 on your purchase of Mad Men seasons 1-4 on DVD and Blu-Ray.”)

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