FREE $5 Target Gift Card wyb 3 Stayfree & Carefree

Here’s a new Unadvertised Special Deal I saw at my store yesterday for a FREE $5 Gift Card wyb (3) select Stayfree or Carefree Feminine Care products. Here’s the details and a way to get them super cheap if you find the same deal at your stores…

FREE $5 Gift Card wyb (3) Select Stayfree or Carefree Products*
Deal and prices valid thru 5/5. Deal and prices may be regional.
*Carefree Acti-Fresh Body Shape 54 ct, or Thong  49 ct $2.99
-$1/1 Carefree 3-18-12 SS x4/30
*Stayfree Ultra Thin Maxi Pads with Wings 18 ct $2.89
-$2/2 Stayfree Products (limit 1 Coupon per person) 3-18-12 SS x4/30
*Other Select Carefree & Stayfree Products are included

DEAL IDEA: Buy (1) Carefree Acti-Fresh 54 ct or Thong 49 ct ($2.99) & 2 Stayfree ($2.89) = $8.77
-$1/1 Carefree 3-18-12 SS x4/30
-$2/2 Stayfree Products (limit 1 Coupon per person) 3-18-12 SS x4/30
= $5.77 – $5 Gift Card for buying 3
= .77 cents for all 3 after Coupons & Gift Card or .26 cents each

Don’t forget that if you are not picky about what type of Carefree liners you get, there are also smaller count regular liners you can get with the $1/1 coupon for free instead…

Carefree 20 or 22 ct Regular Pantiliners .94 – .99 (Regular Price)
-$1/1 Carefree 3-18-12 SS x4/30
= FREE after coupon

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  1. I remember seeing these peelies on other Carefree products in other stores … Do you know if this rebate is only on Carefree, only on Stayfree, or either? I only have $2/2 coupons left and they are on the Stayfree.

  2. The rebate I found is good on the purchase of any TWO of those Patricia listed.

    Found just one on one of the Carefree packages I bought. Just one out of the 200 or so various packages I saw.

    Valid on purchases made 4/1/12-6/15/12 and must be RECEIVED on or before July 15, 2012. Limit one.

  3. What does the coupon mean when they say “Limit one coupon per person. No more than 4 coupons (of any kind) for the same product in the same transaction.”?

  4. Thank you so much for posting this deal! I was able to get a few today. I like to keep some for me and give some to my sister and mom. They really appreciate it because these can become expensive to have to buy every month. 🙂

  5. believe or not, our store has the 18 cts for only $1.57 (this is the regular price for months) and the sign clearly says “get $5 GC with purchase of 3” iwith this particular package. so it’s already a money maker w/o any coupons. however, the cash register did not trigger gift card even i bought 6 in one transcation. i showed them the picture i took with my phone from the shelf and being granted with the deal after manager on call went to check. so if your store still have the sign up on the shelf, they should still honor it IF the register didn’t trigger GC. they even let me use 3 coupons. i know this is YMMV, but it’s worth checking. good luck!

  6. Couldn’t find one of the rebates. If anyone has an extra, I’d be very grateful. My email is boro7294 at Thanks in advance.

  7. My store in south florida also had the 18ct w/wings in the $5 gc deal. It didnt give me the gc but I showed the manager the sign and they gave it to me !!!!! GREAT DEAL

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