Pinecone Research Looking for New Panelists

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Pinecone Research is still actively looking for new panelists. They are a very popular invitation-only survey site because their payment is fast, members only get sent surveys they qualify for, and the surveys are simple to do!

Members will evaluate products and earn cash rewards for their opinions. You are also automatically entered into a bi-weekly Sweepstakes to win additional cash prizes.

You can go HERE to see if you qualify.

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  1. Pinecone is an excellent panel. I have been doing surveys for almost a year now. There are never surveys that you don’t qualify for and each survey pay $3. I’ve even been a few times for surveys that include product testing (FREE STUFF)! Also, they have started offering Pay Pal as a payment option and the deposit posts about 48 hours after the survey is completed. Highly reccommend!!

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