FREE OneTouch Ultra Mini Meter at Target thru 5/19

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The OneTouch UltraMini Meters are on a new Price Cut at Target down  to $9.99. If you find the same you can pick up these Meters for FREE after a new coupon…

OneTouch UltraMini Meters $9.99 (PC thru 5/19)
$10/1 ANY OneTouch® UltraMini® meter and HERE at zip 90210
-$10/1 OneTouch UltraMini Meter 4-29 RP x7/29
= FREE after price cut and a $10/1 coupon

Even if you cannot use the meter, maybe think about it as a donation item. I once donated a few meters to the Paramedic Unit at my local firehouse and they were very appreciative. If you have other suggestions for donation, please feel free to leave them below in the comments.

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  1. @ Lmak, Im in agreement with you ( not too many ppl on ur side huh? ) It’s not greed at all, you were being kind-hearted and others dont see that apparently. I plan on buying a few, no more than 20 thou- and I will most likely get a rain check and visit a couple stores myself- the ppl here are very poor in my area. They will appreciate this! 🙂

  2. My husband is diabetic since his childhood. Historically these companies will give you “free” meters because they make their money from the (expensive) test strips that you have to buy to operate the meter. Obviously goes in sinc with them issuing coupons which make the meters free.

    You can get all the free meters you want, but the poor people you are donating them too probably won’t be able to afford the test strips. I have never heard of there being a dire need for meters anywhere, if I knew of this, I would have been happy to donate all of the free meters that we have received over the years :/

  3. Lorisaves,
    Actually the senior center I went to today and American diabetes associatin yesterday really appreciated the meters and said there is a dire need for these but no one donates them do not greed did not go wasted I think you need to take a closer look in the mirror before you call someone trying to do a good thing greedy!!!

  4. I know many of these are free, but I’ve been seeing the strips for pretty expensive…so is it really worth it being “free” when the strips are higher than other meters?

  5. not a lot of places actually can take these as donations- nursing homes or rest homes are a no-go, they will just throw them away if they’re too polite to refuse…

    These are actually a difficult to donate item. i work through homeless and women’s shelters and we had a lady try to donate 20 of them and we just had no use for them 🙁

    Your best bet (if you’re really NEEDING to buy them just cuz they’re free) is place an ad on craigslist or something saying you have free meters for the public- then people with diabetes who cannot afford them might respond?


    Greed masked by “charity” is even worse than just plain greed- it’s so hypocritical.

  6. A lot of the church missionaries request meters to take with them and several other types of medical supplies. My church is always ecstatic when I donate these so they can pass them along to places who have no access to such things.

  7. I tried printing this from the second link, it didn’t print and now the coupon is gone. >:I

  8. Don’t forget to ask the diabetics in your life if they need a new meter. I test 3 to 5 times a day and go through the battery about once a year on my home and work meters. By grabbing a free meter I get a new battery and a few free test strips in the box – not to mention these come with the new Delica lancets that are a teeny tiny needle that makes it less painful when poking your fingers!

  9. Anna should have specified but I don’t buy them all at once I often request rainchecks for them to buy after the sale has ended or go to multiple stores

  10. Donate to your local Childens Hospital. When my son was diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic we got a free meter through them.

  11. I bought a couple of these and our local free health clinic is so THRILLED! Why wouldn’t you do good with these when you can? So sad people are trying to make money off of sick people. 🙁

  12. In Connecticut, contact the American Diabetics Association in Wethersfield, CT to donate. I can’t believe you have 100 of the units! Couldn’t you leave a few on the shelves for others that are in need of them?

  13. I am wondering if the red cross would accept them. People in Haiti would be greateful for these.

  14. Just quick note, if you you can’t find them at your Target, CVS has them on sale this week for $10.00-$10.00MC=Free and Walgreens has them for $20 but they have a coupon in their May booklet and then the MC makes them free as well 🙂

  15. Lmak, even if you are donating them next time please don’t buy 100. 🙂 Leave some for others.

  16. I got 100 of these last time they were free with the intention of donating them I have been looking anybody know anywhere in CT that will accept them.

  17. Someone bought all of these to sell them? That’s horrible! At least donating them wouldn’t have been as bad… is it even legal to sell medical supplies?

  18. I have to agree with Kate (comment #7). My husband is a diabetic and last time they were all gone by the time I got there. Please don’t get it, just to get something for free.

  19. grabbed 2 today. thank you! the shelf was ALMOST empty when i got there. maybe 3 left :/

  20. Last time these were free, someone here snatched them all up to sell :/ If you’re buying them, PLEASE make sure you can use them or have an appropriate place to donate! (not all shelters, etc will accept anything medical, so please ask).

  21. Try your local community hospital as well…they have homeless and people without insurance that could sure use a freebie

  22. My cat is diabetic and it is costly… It cost me over $100 a month. Being able to check he blood sugar once for free is worth the effort. She is very healthy once we got it under control.

  23. My dad has diabetes so I keep one of these at my house for those “just in case” situations. I’m going to give him the one I get from this deal to keep in his car.

  24. Thank You so much!!! I was recently informed that i must begin checking my blood sugars again. This is right on time for me.

  25. Don’t forget about your local Ronald McDonald House! They are always greatful for anything!

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