New $2/1 Revlon Target Coupon to Stack & Deal

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There is a nice new high value $2/1 Revlon Eye Makeup Item Target Store Coupon x5/28 *available to print HERE at zip 77477*. It should come up as already clipped for you if you are at the right zip. If your store carries the eye shadow singles you can stack this coupon to get over 65% Off the regular price…

Revlon Eye Shadow Singles $4.49 (Regular Price)
-$2/1 Revlon Eye Makeup Target Coupon *HERE zip 77477*
-$1/1 Revlon Color Cosmetic 4-1-12 SS x5/6
= $1.49 after stack

*Keep an eye out for clearance items too, as you may still be able to find some at your stores.

-Thanks for the heads up on the coupon to Kristin of Couponing to Disney!

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  1. Also if you got the Target Beauty bag offer, they have a target coupon in the booklet for $2/1 revlon product. so that’s pretty cool.
    @Naomi – I know girl, my son had dropped my eyeshadow and i was trying to save the big pieces that were usable.

  2. @ Misti – This is the usual problem with makeup cosmetics. They do not have the right language in it to prevent people from using it inapropriately. It happens all the time, what the manufacturer needs to do is provide clear guidance of what is excluded (lips, eyes…). Some times the system rejects the coupon however, the cashier looks at it and says (like any reasonable person would) eyes are part of the face, lips are part of the face so it should be included. This is why a lot of manufacturers have included the wording (excludes trial sizes) on their coupons, because they need to specify what cant be included in the promotion to prevent miss use. This is not the stores fault or even the individuals fault as not everyone is a make-up expert, now if you go to a make-up specialty store they will catch it however, your local target WM or others would not have a clue!

  3. I have to agree with you Christine. The coupons should clearly state their intent or beep if it is a problem.

  4. I love these eyeshadows.I first tried them with coupons:) and love this product.Some have shimmer on them that looks so sparkly on my eyes.Love it!!Can’t wait to go buy some,especially bc my girls dropped my shadow and broke in pieces.I look like a crazy lady trying to recover what’s left of it.Don’t u just hate when that happens!

  5. if you have an ipad or ipod and a wireless printer, yoyu can download on those devices and print from them also to get extra prints.

  6. My Target had the eye shadow singles on clearance last week for $3.49…hoping they still have some. These will make good teenager gifts!

  7. There is no mention on the coupon about what can or can not be bought with it. it just says face product. So technically i did not misuse them. I didnt realize that in order to use a coupon i had to first check the companies website to see what their coupon means. But i’m willing to bet you dont do that either. Now that I know, doesn’t mean I am going to use it again now does it. I simply stated that my target took them no problems. Eye shadow goes on my face, therefore i bought a face product!

  8. Christine – even if they take them, that is not the way Revlon intended them to be used. Misuse of coupons I suspect leads to manufacturer’s lowering coupon values and possibly the store not getting reimbursed. Just because you can doesn’t make it right.

  9. Looks like the 2/1 face product was also in yesterdays ss from

  10. There was also a $2/1 Revlon face product in the 4-1 SS that works on these making them .44-.49 each. At one store they were 4.44 and at my local small store they were 4.49. I have spent 1.86 on 4 of them and only need one more color, the silver, to have all 5 of them.

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