Clearance Alert: Clairol Natural Instincts Bonus Packs

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Keep an eye out for the Bonus Packs of Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color that come with a bonus 12 oz bottle of Pantene Shampoo shrink wrapped to the back of the box. They have been reported being found on clearance as low as $4.88.

If you have the $2/1 Clairol Natural Instincts or Nice ‘n Easy Hair Color 4-29-12 Target Coupon from the Target P&G x6/9 you can stack two of them with the $5/2 Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color Boxes ETS 4-29-12 P&G x5/31 to pay as low as .38 cents each wyb 2 if you find the same. They will also qualify for the $10 MIR wyb $50 worth of P&G Products x6/5 HERE.

Here’s a roundup of other coupons good on Natural Instincts….
-$2/1 Clairol Natural Instincts or Nice ‘n Easy Hair Color 4-29-12 Target P&G x6/9
-$1/1 Clairol Natural Instincts or Nice ‘n Easy Hair Color Target Mobile Coupon x5/11
-$2/1 Clairol Hair Color Box ETS 4-29-12 P&G x5/31
-$5/2 Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color Boxes ETS 4-29-12 P&G x5/31
-$5/2 Clairol Hair Color ETS 4-15-12 SS1 x5/31

-Thanks to Jennifer, Valerie & to Barbara for the picture!

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  1. Really Alexis? I have never heard of that. It has an address for Target to send the coupon to and be reimbursed. I thought they included “Redeem at Winn Dixie” simply because they want you to shop there. It did not say onlu at Winn Dixie, and ironically the Target register seemed to like this coupon very much, it scanned with no problems.

  2. got this deal this morning at my target. 2 clairol insticts $5.94 each. used 1 $5/2 coupon, and used 2 $2/1 coupons, none of the coupons scanned though, they all beeped, had to double check what i bought, and override it. they did have the pantenes attatched which was awesome! so anyway $2.88 for both! Thanks!!

  3. @AMY-
    I worked at target for 5 years. technically about your last problem with the winn dixie coupon, the cashier was correct, if it says redeem at winn dixie, even if its a mfc coupon….it is only for winn dixie.

    but the part about the bonus packs and not being able to use a coupon? that is the dumbest thing i have ever heard! its not your fault they put a bonus in the product you want to purchase LOL! glad you got it straightened out!


    I did the deal yesterday….it was a disaster. The cashier scanned the coupon and the message came up “Item not in pick” or something like that. Anyway ,it was the same message that seems to pop up for almost every coupon I use at Target, they just tap a key and it goes through. She told me I couldn’t use it, I asked why since it said “ANY CLAIROL HAIR COLOR”? She said she didn’t know but it wouldn’t scan. I said fine, purchased the items, took my coupons back and went to Guest Services where they then told me I couldn’t use the coupon because these were bonus packs??!!! I said what difference does that make?? I am buying the hair color, I have a coupon for the hair color…this didn’t seem like rocket science to me but they all looked at me like I was crazy. I then asked if it was stated in their coupon policy that you can’t use a coupon on a bonus pack, they had no answer. Then I said Ok, then I’d like to return them and I’ll contact your corporate office to clarify your coupon policy since nobody here appears to know what exactly it says. (I know it says nothing of that nature, but of course didn’t have it with me) That seemed to get their attention, so eventually after 20 minutes, they gave me my money back for the coupons, but man, what an ordeal!!! Totally unrelated, I also had a Catalina – a manufacturers coupon that was generated at Winn Dixie for the cat food I was purchasing. The cashier scans it, it goes thru just fine and deducts .75. Then she looks at it and says Oh NO! This is a Winn Dixie coupon, you can’t use this here!! And deletes the coupon. I calmly explained that no, it is a manufacturers coupon. She says but it says redeem at Winn Dixie! I said, um yeahhhh Winn Dixie or any other store. She scans it and takes it off again.

    UGH!!! Target is becoming less and less coupon friendly every time I shop there. Cashiers not being properly trained is a big part of the problem. Very disappointing because I love the store.

  5. They were also $3.48 at my store-SW Ohio- so I bought 2 used 1 Target Q and the $5 Q and got .04 in overage. I am going back with another $5/2 Q to get 2 more for free with my last Target Q.

  6. Mine were $3.48. Bought two with just the $5/2 off P & G Q because I didn’t have Target insert or mobile coupon. So $.98 each is still a good deal.

  7. I tried to do this deal today and the target q would not scan and supervisor says its a no go. 🙁

  8. Would you happen to know around how much is the Schick Hydro Silk at Target? I have a $4 coupon that I can stack with a Target $2 coupon..please help! Don’t want to drive all the way there and it be too expensive! Thanks!

  9. I’ve ran into A huge issue lately at target, where they won’t let me use a coupon on an item that has a bonus attached to it. I mean they give me a Fit. I am not sure why. I tell them no one else that I know that coupons has ever had an issue at target or any other store for that matter. Manufactures put that bonus on items to entice people to buy. How can I be punished if I want to buy, they say I can’t with a coupon I must pay full price. That’s crazy. What am I to do? They give me the Bs that coupon says “no travel/trial size” I am not purchasing that, I am purchasing the item on the coupon full size. Have you ever heard of them doing this? And I don’t see anything about this on their coupon policy.

  10. at my target they have been on clearance for 5.97 for weeks already hasn’t dropped at all

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