Sobe Lifewater 50¢ Starting 5/6 No Coupons Needed

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I am working on the new Target Ad now, typing & matching away, but I am so excited to see one of my favorite deals back. I know many of you look forward to this deal rolling around too, so I thought I’d give you a heads up & share my excitement!

Starting Sunday, May 6th, Target will be offering a FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 10 Sobe Lifewater which will be priced at 10/$10. So while I sure wish there were coupons out there, even without them, after the Gift Card it’s like paying .50 cents each.

And in my opinion, there’s nothing better than the taste of an ice-cold Fuji Apple Pear Sobe on a hot, sunnny day! 🙂 Stay tuned for the rest of the Sneak Peek with coupon matchups coming tomorrow afternoon!

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  1. To Frankie: You forgot that you would still have 1 – $5 gift card after your two transactions with rolling. If you spent $10, received $5 gift card, and did it again like you said above using the $5 gift card, but also receiving a new $5 gift card, then used that last $5 gift card to get 5 more Sobe’s, you would actually get 25 Sobe’s for $15 (or 0.60 each). If you bought 10 Sobe’s and then 5 more (to use the $5 gift card you earned) it works out to 0.67 each ($10 cash/15 Sobe’s), not 0.75. I love target and have no problem using a $5 gift card, so I LOVE these deals.

  2. @Brenda…..I do the same thing, I keep a couple of the $5 gift cards and only spend them on the gift card deals so I get one back to replace it.

  3. website says they pricematch local ads. anyone know if kroger will still have these on sale next week?

  4. I have coupons for sobe drinks that I got a while ago, from a friend that works for pepsico. So this will make for a free deal for me nothing out of my pocket, and a few free gift cards. So this is going to be an even sweeter deal.

  5. I will preface this by saying I don’t normally price match at Target, so I am not sure if this will work…Would Target price match the 67 cent final price at Kroger? The ad clearly states 67 cents as the final price, but I am not sure how they would handle it. It would be AWESOME!!!! if they did (17 cents each after gift card).

  6. I do the same as frankie – I have 2 giftcards that I will roll into this deal and then will get them back at the end of the transaction so they will truely by 50 cents each for me. 🙂

  7. @frankie, I always keep 2 $5.00 gift cards that I earned way back I use them for the $5 gift card deals so it is a wash I always have those 2 cards ( I pay with one get one back….pay with one get one back

  8. My Target get wiped out of these quick and you can’t get rainchecks on a “gift card” deal. Has anyone ever pre-ordered at a Target? I’m addicted to Vitamin Water Zero and Sobe LifeH20

  9. Frankie,

    Almost everyone that browses this site shops at Target often. There’s no need to keep rolling over the gift card…they can just use it to buy one of the many things they buy at Target. It’s silly to disregard the value of the gift card that you have left over in your calculations.

  10. kroger is still the better deal think of it this way- if you buy 10/10 and get the 5.00 gift card and roll it and buy 10 more and pay 10/5.00 you have payed 20/15.00 or .75 ea no matter if u keep buying them at 10/5.00 after giftcard u still had to pay $10 for 10 to begin with

  11. Love, love love the fiji apple pear!! Definitively will be doing this. Glad I did not buy them this week at Kroger for $.67 each. $.50 is WAY better. Thanks!!!!

  12. Thanks for the heads up. My little boy and I love Sobe. I’m currently addicted to the Pacific Coconut.

  13. Thank you so much for posting this, you made my night! I have been waiting for target to do this for so long! I love sobe!

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