Aveeno Deal Update: Sunscreen Lotion Up to 56% Off

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This week, Target is offering a FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 2 Select Aveeno Sun Care Products at $8.99, but there are some other unadvertised products and lower priced inclusions in this deal.

It’s a little frustrating that the Aveeno $2/1 Sun Care Product insert coupons limit you to one identical coupon per customer.  However, we did get a new $1/1 Aveeno Sun Care Target Coupon this morning, that can make this a little better. This deal is valid thru 5/12 only…

DEAL IDEA: Buy Aveeno 3 oz SPF30 & 1 Aveeno Baby SPF 55 Sunblock Lotion 4 oz ($7.99) = $15.98
-$1/1 Aveeno Sun Care Item Target Web Coupon x6/11
-$2/1 Aveeno Sun Care Product ETS (Limit 1 Coupon Per Person) 04-15-12 SS x5/30
-$1/1 Aveeno Hand, Body or Baby Lotion, any (Limit 1 Coupon Per Person) 04-15-12 SS
= $11.98 -$5.00 Gift Card Back for buying 2
= $6.98 for 2 or $3.49 each after coupons and Gift Card or like saving 56%

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  1. About the baby aveeno… it was very odd. They had the baby aveeno in the regular sunscreen area for $6.99, then, in the baby area, they had the SAME product for $7.04. Somehow, even though I grabbed both bottles from the regular area, I got one that rang up $6.99 and one that rang up $7.04. The $7.04 bottle didn’t prompt for the gift card, but the $6.99 bottle did. The only way you could tell the two apart was that the one that rang up $7.04 had an overlabel UPC sticker. My cashier thought it was totally weird too, and ended up scanning the $6.99 one twice which prompted the GC. I was pleasantly surprised by the price being lower than in the post… typically not that way at my store- either the same, or more! I guess bottom line is, the baby suncare was included, but there’s something funky going on with the product UPCs and where they’re placed in the store. GL!

  2. Yeah, I had them try two and it wouldn’t work. I looked in the regular sunscreen section for baby sunscreen too, but no dice. oh well. Still only paid about 4 for it, so not horrible, and we needed it.

  3. The $3/$20 cat worked at my store! The baby sunscreen is $7.04 in my store. I didn’t see the “only one coupon per customer” on the $2/1 Q, the cashier took all of mine. They seem to be told, at my store, to override it if the customer has purchased the item. I actually bought 4, used 4 $2/1 Qs and 4 $1/1 Target Qs and the $3/$20 cat, paid $14.84 and got back $10! Thats $1.21 each!!

  4. I went to purchase this deal, I had the correct coupons and items. But the $1 Target coupon didn’t scan, and they refused to accept it. The cashier and the manager both said if it doesn’t scan, they won’t take it. Even if the item listed is correct. Has anybody else encountered this problem?

  5. There were multiple baby suncreens in my store which looked exactly the same an only one of them triggered the gift card, you may want to ask someone to help you so you get the right one. Worth it, great deal for baby sunsreen!

  6. Evelyn, did you have the cashier check, because there were no signs on the baby sunscreen but when I had the cashier check it triggered the gift card.

  7. At my store the five dollar gift card didn’t apply to the baby sunscreen. Have they pulled this?

  8. My store had these for 6.99 after coupons and gift cards I paid $1.49 each!

  9. @Mel- yes the wording- it is confusing- but it does mean one of THAT coupon per customer and no more than 4 of ANY avenno coupon. so you could use a $2/1 insert, a $1/1 insert and then if they existed a magazine coupon and a printable coupon and that would be it. no more than 4 of any aveeno coupon total- and no more than one of the ones that state limit one coupon per customer. 🙁

  10. It says Consumer: Limit 1 coupon per person. Then in bold No more than 4 coupons (of any kind) for the same product in the same transaction. It is worded oddly, but other grocery forums say that you can use 4 coupons for 4 like products, but they have to be from different sources, like an insert that has 2 different exp dates, an IP, blinkie, etc..

    Maybe Kerri can clarify.

  11. These were only $7.04 at my store and I was able to use two manufacturer and target coupons with each. I paid $3.40 total with my Target card. Great deal!

  12. My 2/1 coupon says limit to 4 like coupons, not one? But I didnt’ get a second paper that week. Just wanted to let some of you know. My sitter mentioned needing sunblock, so I think I’m going to get two this week sometime.

  13. Walgreens has better deal on Aveeno this week. Spend $25, receive $10rr. Buy 4- Body wash at $4.79 and 1 body moisturizing lotion. Use 4 $2 q for body wash (ss 4/15) and $1 q for lotion (ss4/15). Total $25.45 minus $9 in qs= $16.45, receive $10 in rr. Final price $1.29 each!!! After rr. Awesome deal on Aveeno.

  14. Ooooh, good call Cynthia, I’m curious if these count too- I got that $3 off today as a catalina with the Nivea purchase!

  15. Also I have a $3 off $20 Target coupon for Beauty Purchase. Do you think Sun care would be included as skin care?

  16. Ugh, I don’t get any of the good coupons. I didn’t get the Nivea coupons OR these Aveeno coupons. Pisses me off because I really need some baby sunscreen. Can’t you use 2 of the Target coupons?

  17. Thank you for posting these other items that are included! Totally appreciate it. 🙂

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