Canon A2200 Camera Bundle $59.99 After Gift Card

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If you have a REDcard for FREE shipping, one of the great in-store deals this week is also available online. It is a Canon A2200 14 Mexapixel Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom bundle. It’s a great price for this camera at $59.99 after Gift Card alone, but it also comes with a cute case and a 4GB SD Card. Plus, by using your REDcard you will get an additional 5% Off, and you can get 9% cash back at ShopAtHome or 3% Cash back if you go through EBATES.

This is the camera I have owned for almost a year now and I have been very happy with it. It is very lightweight and small. It takes great pictures in low light even without a flash. My pictures come out great, clear and sharp. Its battery is rechargeable and it comes with a separate charger. It looks like they are only offering Red online-  but hey, that’s the one I have and what a great color! 😉 I believe I paid around $129 for mine last year when it was on sale, and I didn’t get a case or an SD card, so this is really a nice value in my opinion.

Plus, if you are new to you will earn a $5 bonus for signing up (will be put in your account within 30 days), and if you go through EBATES, you will also get a $10 Gift Card to your choice of Target or other popular stores as a bonus in your account for signing up if you spend $25 in one transaction within 30 days, so this purchase would qualify you for the Gift Card.

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  1. I received my camera today and I really like it for the price. Hope others took advantage of the deal.

  2. I just got the camera today, it is really cool, I am excited, I have been wanting my own camera for a long time.

  3. I went for it! And today I noticed that the price is higher already as they are not including the $20 gift card. Thank you for posting, I really appreciate it!

  4. i have this in blue got it for 59.99 too last november. so far so good in fact i gave this to my brother and they took nice pictures of his family back home. couldnt be more happier to see love ones so far away from u. $60 is not bad at all with a very handy and reliable camera like this.

  5. Hi Anna-
    I don’t take many pictures in low light or with the flash- so I couldn’t say how it does on the move with the flash.
    But I find if I am taking pictures in natural light of Austin (my 6-year-old) who does not like to sit still either) it does fine. I often take it with me to his baseball games (which are usually during the day) and I have caught some nice action shots of him. hth

  6. I was looking at cameras yesterday. Anyone else have this one and happy with it? I was looking at the nikon brand also….thoughts?

  7. Would you say that it takes good pictures when your subject is on the move? I have 2 little ones that don’t like to stand still for pictures and it is difficult with my current camera to get nice pictures because of no stabilization for movement. Ugh. Would definitely like your input on this. Thanks!

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