Clearance Alert & Coupon on OFF! Insect Repellant

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Keep an eye out for the bonus twin packs of Off! Insect repellant now being found on clearance. Trudy found several different varieties all at 30% Off down to $5.24 (originally $7.49) at her store. We still have a .75/1 OFF! Personal Insect Repellent Product coupon you can use if you find the same. Trudy got the twin packs for $4.49 each  after a coupon or like paying $2.25 per product after clearance and coupon. Not too shabby considering one regularly priced product is usually around $4.99.

They were up at a front endcap near the registers for her, but you may want to take a look in the back seasonal section where several value sized items have been stocked to see if you find any back there. Happy hunting and thanks so much to Trudy for the heads up and picture!

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  1. Twin packs are currently priced at $2.24 in Miami, FL! Hubby isn’t allowed to make purchases on his own lol

  2. so other people get mad when their husband buys stuff at full price. haha. thought I was the only one.

  3. i also so some small cans in the travel section when i was looking for sunblock not sure how much they were but im going to check tomorrow. hopefully they are cheap because the coupon has no size restriction!

  4. At my Target in Arizona…they sell the small cans in the travel section for $3.49, so you could them for $2.75, since there are no restrictions.

  5. Thanks for sharing!! Wanted to “smack” my husband the other night b/c he bought a can of OFF at CVS, full price – like $7.49, I think, for one can!!! I was like, WHAT!?!?! haha I told him I could probably find a deal on it – and here it is!!

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