Sonia Kashuk, Up & Up & Revlon FREEbies at Target

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With all the new Target Coupons today- there is just no way for me to complete  a full list of new cheap finds at Target today if I want to spend Mother’s Day with my family.

So for now, here are a few items that you can grab as low as FREE at stores with the new coupons that I am worried may not last long if I wait to post them. Stay tuned for the much longer list of new Cheap Finds coming soon & Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂

Up & Up Ibuprofen Tablets 24 ct .97 – $1.19 (Regular Price)
-$1/1 Up & Up® Pain Relief ETS Target Web Coupon x6/16
= as low as FREE after coupon depending on your price
Sonia Kashuk Spoolie Eyebrow and Eyelash Brush $1.99 – $2.19 (Regular Price)
-$2/1 Sonia Kashuk® Cosmetic or Cosmetic Accessory Item ETS Target Web Coupon x6/16
= as low as FREE after coupon if you find the Spoolie at $1.99
You can find these hanging on a peg rack in the Sonia Kashuk section
Revlon Lower Priced Assorted Beauty Tools $1.27 – $1.99 (Regular Price)
Files, Clippers, Trimmers and more – unavailable at all stores
-$2/1 Revlon Beauty Tool Target Coupon No Longer AVailable x6/16
= FREE after coupon (should auto adjust down when scanned)

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  1. Several locations in southern Florida are all out of up & up ibuprofen 24 counts and sonia kashuk spoolies. plenty of revlon items still to go around. couponing is quite the competitive sport down here.

  2. Found a money maker today. Bought a woman’s clearance Mossimo striped tank today for $2.48 and used my $3.00 any Mossimo clothing purchase!

  3. i am happy about the axe coupon…when i was at walgreens on sunday there was a tear pad for $1/1 axe body wash 12oz it does say available at walgreens but it is a MQ…hoping they take it and I can get some axe cheap!

  4. Those of you having issues with the “free” items why not just purchase a few other things so its not so obvious.
    I never have issues at my Target. The register will automatically adjust down example I got a Revlon nail file prices @ $1.89 the $2 off coupon was adjusted down to $1.89, the cashier didnt have to do anything.
    to the person using a Tide coupon for a Tide pen that cashier was right in denying it ’cause Tide has coupons for the pens and don’t the detergent coupons say Tide laundry detergent?!?!

  5. I just went today to get the ibuprophen and the cashier flat out refused it, she said because it is .99 cents it is a trial size item. I politely said the I don’t think that a 24 count anything can be considered a trial size, but she would even consider it and said that this was a “new” policy. So I will just go back this evening when there are younger clerks working who will at least try to scan the item. I have never had this happen before, but she took every coupon, went up the register to see if I bought the item, then scanned it. I had ten items, and it took almost 15 min to check out. She also said that I have to go by the picture to know what I can purchase, because I used the banana boat coupon on the lip balm and she said that she would honor it this time, but to not do it again, like I was doing something wrong. I have never had a problem with target until last week. I was also told you can’t use more than 5 identical coupons in one transaction even if the coupons doesn’t state a limit, does anyone know if this is true?

  6. I had an issue at Target with a coupon for Tide products. It did say excludes trial/travel size. I bought the Tide-To-Go stick, but in the regular size found in the laundry aisle, NOT the smaller blue size found in the travel section. They wouldn’t let me use the coupon because they said the product is a travel product. That’s like saying I can’t use a coupon on a suitcase because it’s a travel item! Travel item, NOT travel SIZED.

  7. I love TOTALLY TARGET! Heads up to fellow couponers- Target had a coupon $0.50 off Up&Up brand Nail Polish Remover (exp 5/19), kerry might have it on her list of old coupons tht havent expired yet but arent available to print*** I noticed the ENTIRE SECTION of PURPLE nail polish remover ON CLEARANCE! I made a few calls to other Targets in my area and one suggested they will go on clearance after today. They didnt say if it’s ALL Target’s but the clearance price makes it FREE!!! I got 4 yesterday!

  8. thanks Mellisa and Anne ,I was’nt sure of coupon after seeing the excludes trial size bcos last week my friend got trial size sunscreens for free (bananaboat and coopertone ) but when i took the prints after few hrs it said excludes trial size so thats the reason i wanted to make sure but i think i follow what anne said I will try and hope it works .thanxs

  9. @Appu… Whenever I am not sure about a q, I tell the cashier, “I am not sure if this will work, but can we try it?” Of course, they always oblige. So far, I haven’t had a single q not work. I would rather try and have it not work than not try and miss out on $ savings. Only takes a second to scan.

  10. @Appu… She wouldn’t list it if you couldn’t use it. So yes, you can use it on the 24 count.

  11. hi there
    i just took the print of ibuprofen and it says excludes trial size so kerry i wanted to know if 24 tabs is a trial , can i use this q .pls let me know .help

  12. I love my local Target, it is actually my favorite store to coupon at as I’ve only once ever had a problem with a coupon. I got 6 of the Ibuprofen’s and four Revlon beauty tools for free. No problem at all scanning and the register automatically adjusted the price so there was no overage = free check out.

  13. i went and coupon for ibprophen scanned for me! i also found spectracide weed and grass killer for $3.99 and it scanned for $3.49 making it .49 with the $3 off target q!! i also found lots of good baby deals with the $1 off baby skin or hair care item. i got up & up baby hair and body wash for .52! hopefully well get a good axe detailer manufacturers q to go with the $2 off target q my boyfriend loves the detailer i got 2 anyways $1.49 wasnt bad for me. and the revlon goodies! i bought tweezers for .24 nail buffer for .89 and eyelash curler for .89 and i got 2 $1/1 revlon beauty tool manuf q catalinas! i love target. its a good mothers day :]

  14. Went to Target twice today, missed a couple deals. LOL But everything I did worked out fine. 🙂 Love my Target, so coupon friendly!

  15. Targets system can be pretty frustrating and although I ALWAYS read my coupons carefully and purchase products allowed the “item not found for this coupon” comes up every time I shop for some reason or another. I wouldn’t have a problem if I made a mistake however I hate getting the 3rd degree for purchasing something which the coupon explicitly states. Their system seems to perpetuate the negative attitude towards couponers.

    If they don’t take it I try not to make a big deal and just ask for the item taken off, then I try again a different time. Although, this only works if you’re a Target-a-holic like me and you go multiple times a week!

  16. Last time this q was out, my Targets pulled the item completely. I didn’t see it again until the q had expired! 🙁

  17. No, the ibuwhatever is not a trial or travel item. It’s in the regular isle.

  18. If it doesnt say trial or travel on it, then it generally is not considered one. With that being said, does anyone know if the trial/travel size bottles of shampoo and stuff actually say trial/travel on it because I believe they do. My friend even asked the cashier about a small product once and told her that she wasnt sure if it would be considered trial or not. The cashier looked it over and said well it doesnt say trial/travel on it so the q should work.

  19. Please enjoy the day with your family, Kerry! We’ll be here when you’re relaxed and refreshed. Thanks for posting what you have already- you gave me a great heads up before I head out today! 🙂

  20. At one of the targets I go to I found the 24 count up & up ibuprofens in the travel size section and on the shelf with the other pain killers.

  21. Glad to see some freebie deals listed today…i took advantage of all 3 deals with no problems at the register. thanks very much!

  22. me too.. I’ve been having a big problem at Target this past few weeks. I had the $1 off any coppertone and $1 off any banana boat and they didn’t take it on the trial size. The coupon that i had didn’t have “Excludes trial size” so I told them that, then a supervisor approached us and said, its because the coupon exceeds the amount of the item. I’m like, I never had a problem with that when i claimed my glade sprays, revlon tools, and reach dental floss!!? It’s starting to really tick me off how they can be so anti-couponers sometimes!

  23. Just a heads up: the last time I bought the 24 count up & up ibuprofen with this coupon, the cashier gave me a hard time about it being trial sized, even thought it was on the shelf next to all the others. She made a big production of “letting it through THIS time” after “thinking about it” for a long time. Hope this doesn’t happen to any of you!

  24. They are definitely SUPPOSED to adjust down. One store I shop at regularly gave me an issue the other day about not adjusting it down and I sent corporate an email. They confirmed that they ARE in fact to adjust down to the price.

  25. if its a target q.. most of the time the ones i use that are over the price of the product.. it automatically adjust itself down.. like on the up and up pain relief.. its .99 but the target q is 1.. it will adjust down to .99 automatically ..

  26. Hi karen,
    Everythg depends on store.yesterday I got revlon clipper worth $1.97 and used $2 off coupon.Here my item price was less than coupon price but I got it free.

  27. I noticed on the Target coupons it says “coupon value may not exceed value of item purchased”… does that mean (for an example) if an item is .99 and the coupon is for $1 you can’t use it? Sometimes my store will adjust and sometimes they won’t – now with this on the coupon I don’t think they will at all

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