Gold Peak Tea 25¢ After Coupon & New Price Cut

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We’ve got  a new .75/1 Gold Peak Tea 18.5 oz Bottle Coupon available to print. It’s great timing for it too, since we have a new Price Cut that started on Sunday for the single bottles.

Gold Peak Tea $5/5 or $1 Each (PC thru 5/26)
-.75 off any 18.5 oz. Gold Peak Tea
= .25 cents each after coupon and price cut

Price Cuts can vary by region, but even if you don’t find it, many of you have a regular price of $1.02 anyway. If you are like me and have the high regular price of $1.49 – I hope you find this new price cut too since it makes for a great deal after coupon!

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  1. @Tien… Actually these are found at Regular Targets too. My Target is NOT a super Target, nor close to being one and they carry the sweetened and diet kinds. 🙂

  2. the regular price for these at my Target in WA state is $1.79. But they usually have the price cut when you post one.

  3. Its located by the bottled water. HTH. Mine carries them on the far back wall not in an aisle.

  4. some targets do NOT carry them. mine doesnt, but mine is little and hardly has any grocery stuff. most of the bigger targets that have grocery, even if theyre not actually avsuper target, seem to have them.

  5. These smaller size bottles are available only at Super Target. The regular Target will only have the bigger bottles for around $3 I think.

  6. I cannot find these at my Target. Where would they be and is it possible that some Targets do not carry them?

  7. I am excited to see these coupons again. My husband is always asking for these types of ready made single serve drinks to take to work for lunch but on a tight grocery budget, it’s too costly for us. That is why I looove these coupons. Can’t wait to get a couple of these for pennies.

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