Reminder: Charmin Fan Perks Facebook Coupons

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Just a reminder that thru Friday May 18th, Charmin will be offering “Charmin Fan Perks” in the form of 10,000 high value coupons to those who Like them on Facebook. The coupon will be different each day and you can see the schedule below for which coupon will be offered which day. Todays coupon will go live at 11 am. This is a snail mail coupon and you may only request one coupon during the Fan Perks Period.

So wait and watch for your favorite before you request a coupon, but make sure you are there right on time as it looks like some pretty nice coupons will be given away this week and I am sure the higher value ones will go especially fast! Here’s the rest of what is scheduled for each day…

Tuesday, May 15th, 11am EST: $1 off Charmin Ultra Strong
Wednesday, May 16th, 1pm EST: $1 off Charmin Basic
Thursday, May 17th, 3pm EST: $1.50 off Charmin Sensitive
Friday, May 18th, 7pm EST: $1.50 off Charmin Freshmates

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  1. Thanks for the detailed information you provided. Too bad I didn’t see YOUR post on this before I jumped right on this and received today’s offer. It is actually tomorrow’s coupon (or even Friday’s) that I’d use. Bummer. At least it only cost me time (and not much of it).

    Thanks for the great work you do here!

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