FREE First Aid Bag wyb 3 First Aid Items at Target

The FREE First Aid Bag wyb 3 select First Aid Items deal has rolled back around at Target for Summer, and many of you may already be finding it in your stores. The deal is active and valid now and you can look for an endcap like the one shown in my picture on the above right. Even if you haven’t seen it yet, they should be setting it up very soon, as it is being advertised in next week’s ad starting 5/20.

Kelley found it last night- and despite no signs being up on the endcap, sure enough the bag prompted FREE once her 3 qualifying First Aid Items got scanned at checkout. And she even got a Manufacturer’s Catalina coupon for $2/1 Neosporin at checkout. The case looks very cool this year- it’s sort of a somewhat firmer clamshell type case that zips up and is around 7×10 inches.

She was in need of Neosporin so she chose the above 3 items, but you can get this bag by buying 3 lower priced items like the small Guaze pads for as low as $2.27 after coupons…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 3 Small Red Cross Guaze Pads ($1.59) & First Aid Bag ($4.69) = $9.46
-$4.69 (The First Aid Bag will be FREE with the Target Deal
-$1/1 Any Johnson & Johnson Red Cross Product (limit 1 coupon per person) 4-15-12 SS x6/30
-$1.50/2 Johnson & Johnson Red Cross Products, any ETS & Kits 5-13-12 SS x7/31
= $2.27 for all 4 items after coupons and deal

This deal will be valid throughout the summer until 8/18 and here are the details on the qualifying items along with any matchups I could find. Please remember that prices can vary by region…

SPECIAL PURCHASE: FREE First Aid Bag wyb 3 Select First Aid Items*
Deal & prices valid through 8/18. Deal & Prices may be regional.
*Neosporin Ointments Select Varieties  – $4.69
-$1/1 Any Neosporin Product (1 coupon per person) 4-15-12 SS x6/30
*Johnson & Johnson Red Cross First-Aid Small Gauze Pad – 10 Count $1.59
*Other  Johnson & Johnson Red Cross Tape, Guaze Pads $2.59 – $3.29
-$1/1 Any Johnson & Johnson Red Cross Product (limit 1 coupon per person) 4-15-12 SS x6/30
-$1.50/2 Johnson & Johnson Red Cross Products, any ETS & Kits 5-13-12 SS x7/31
* Band-Aid Quiltvent Technology Plastic or Flexible Fabric Bandages 20- 30 Count $1.99 – $2.79
-.50/1 Band-Aid Brand Products ETS HERE
-.50/1 Band-Aid Product with Quilt Vent Technology
*Band-Aid Kids Bandages – 20 – 25 ct Disney, Dora, Spongebob or Barbie $2.54
-.50/1 Band-Aid Brand Products ETS HERE
*Up & Up Alcohol Wipes & Other Select Up & Up First Aid PSA $1.57 for the Wipes
*Benadryl Select Products $4.49 – $5.49
-$2/1 any Benadryl Product Manufacturer’s Site Sign Up HERE
-$2/1 Benadryl Topical Product, any – 06-19-11 RP x12/31

-$1/1 Benadryl Topical Product, any ETS (Limit 1 Coupon Per Person) 4-15-12 SS x6/30

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  1. Sweet saw them at my target last night too but didn’t get one. Also can’t we send in for the free first aid kit rebate as well?

  2. I tried to print the online Q’s too, and it said the promo had ended- on both versions of the Q. Hopefully it’s an error to be fixed soon… I haven’t printed these before.

  3. Thank You I tired it, it does not allow the Small Red Cross Guaze Pads, but it did allow the Johnson & Johnson First-Aid Cloth Tape – 1 Inch for $2.59. If I order something online, can I take to my receipt to my local target to get a price adjustment or do a missed coupon?

  4. Anyone know if I can combine a manufacture free product coupon, with a Target BOGO coupon? Thanks!

  5. I saw the same set up at Target (Southern CA) but did not see any signs saying buy 3 and get a FREE First Aid Bag. :-/

  6. @Maria- as I said- Kelley didn’t have signs either- if you have concerns you can just ait til Sunday then when it will be in the ad. But as stated in the post- the bag should prompt free once you buy your 3 items as this deal is already valid. hth

  7. No signs but worked for me this morning at my SoCal Target! ALSO!!!! go to and there is another rebate for a build your own safety kit bag FREE with 3 UPC codes and receipt! So, another free bag! You can make 2 first aid kits! 🙂 Thanks for the great deal!

  8. Where does it say one coupon per person? The coupons in the paper say no more then 4 like in one transaction.

  9. Bummer…no coupons. I’m in Ohio so these must have been regional. I think it’s worth the money to have a free kit in your car that you can get cheap or free items when coupons are available. Still a good deal though.

  10. @ Sierra
    Thanks for the info. Mine will be mailed tomarrow!! Plus at 48044 in MI the small gauze pads are $1.47 and they have 12 instead of 10.

  11. Went tonight and there was a small endcap with the first aid kids the items you listed above. However the gauze pads were $1.49 each and the sign stated that final purchase price must be at least $4.69 (the cost of the first aid kit)
    Not sure if that would be before or after coupons???

  12. Does anyone know if there is a way to tell if the first aid kit is free BEFORE you get to checkout…like can you scan it at the code scanners and it says free with purchase or something?

    @ Aimee: good question. I think it is before coupons, but it would be good to know for sure, since my Target requires that I put every coupon on the item it goes with, and they scan the coupon immediately after they scan the item. It usually causes problems for me with promotions like get a free gift card when you spend over a certain amount.

  13. @Aimee & Jennifer
    Oops! My bad! I checked my receipt and the gauze pads were $1.49. I had no probllems purchasing 3 gauze pads and getting the kit for free with the coupons Kerry first mentioned. I also took Sierra’s suggestion to obtain another kit for free. Cub Scout Mom!

  14. I got 2 boxes of gauze pads and one box of $1.99 band-aids. I used (2) $1/1 J&J coupons and (1) $1/1 Band-aid coupon, so everything was $2! I would caution not spending over the $4.69 limit stated (before coupons!) because while it might occasionally, it does not always prompt the free item.

    I also got some free Revlon tweezers to go inside!

  15. Was wondering if there is a limit of first aid kits per transaction. like could i buy 6 items and get 2 bags or would i have to do 2 transactions

  16. @Steph- you should be able to get 2 if you buy 6 qualifying items- but keep in mind a lot of J&J Qs limit you now ot one coupon per customer.

  17. Thanks kerry! I have all sorts of johnson and johnson coupons (I have 3 or 4 different ones, I was just wondering if I had to split up my transaction or if I could get 2 free bags) thank u!

  18. I was not seeing this deal in any of the target stores around where i live (mpls, mn) so i called target and they said right now this only applies to online, not in the stores, BOO!

  19. @Alissa- it is in this week’s target ad. while sales can certainly vary by region- you will probably find if you go and view the target ad for your zip you will likely see it in there. It may be that your stores did not get their signs up in time. I actually called this morning to find out a couple prices on the movers sets this morning and the person who answered the phone said with conviction that this sale was starting next week and it was NOT active yet (meanwhile I saw it with my own two eyes at my store). So – just an example of how you cannot always believe what is said unfortunately.

  20. This weeks ad, as in the one that started on the 27th? Because I just looked online through the ad and it wasnt in there? Do the ads vary by region as well?

  21. okay wait
    so sorry- I have FIsher price on the BRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just realized you were talking about the FIrst aidbag. SO SORRY to confuse the heckout of you! Okay- so basically this deal is not advertised- and many stores have pulled the signs- but if you take 3 qualifying items I have listed up to the register it SHOULD prompt the free bag. ALl my signs are missing too- yet the deal is still working. hth!

  22. I didnt/dont see any first aid bags at any of the stores i have gone to. Is it something they give you are the register? Or that you have to get online after purchase?

  23. well that would be a a stuping block for sure. If you do not see the bags on an endcapthan they may be out. Mine are right on an endcap in pharmacy. They are not keeping them behind the counter to the best of my knowledge. SOrry Alissa- but they may get more in stick- so I would just keep an eye out for them to opefully show up.

  24. Thanks so much!
    I have gone to 4 different targets in my area since you posted the first deal on this and havent seen them once! Boo! I will keep looking.

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