New $2/4 Printable Dial Handsoap & Target Deal

UPDATE: Looks like we lost the manufacturer’s coupon again- I’ll let you know if it comes back again!

WooHoo for a new $2/4 Dial Handsoap manufacturer’s Coupon! We still have our $1/2 Dial Liquid Hand Soap Pumps Target coupon to stack with too. The fine print on the Target Coupon limits you to one coupon per guest- but even with stacking just one, it makes for a super-nice deal with a current price cut…

Dial Liquid Hand Soap 9.375 oz $1.29 (PC thru 5/26)
-$1/2 Dial Hand Soap Pump 9.37 oz Target Web Coupon
$2/4 Dial Handsoap manufacturer’s Coupon zip 90210
= .54 cents each after both coupons & price cut wyb 4

-Thanks for the Coupon to Coupon Katarina!

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  1. Does anyone know if this can be used on the foam ones? I saw a price cut on the Dial Hello Kitty ones.

  2. Anyone else have trouble finding/buying these? I went to my target on Monday afternoon and all three shelves of these were wiped clean!! 🙁 ridiculous!

  3. Thanks Kerry! The last $3/6 MQ literally disappeared as my computer was booting up to print!

  4. If you’re buying 4 in order to use the MQ coupon then can you use 2 of the Target ones?

  5. Does anyone know if Target carries these soaps in any other scents aside from traditional Dial (yellow/orange liquid), White Tea and Spring Waters?

    I am getting ready to do a donation to a church in our area and I am also stocking up for our house. I was curious to see if anyone has found any other scents.

  6. @Chelsea I have been noticing more and more shelves are cleared when I go to Target. It’s such a shame that people leave nothing for others.

  7. My target had plenty of these last night, but as far as the beauty coupons and target up&up items, the shelves were cleared. I hate how that happens!!

  8. @Joanne, last night, only three kinds (scents) were indicated on sale and none of them were foam.

  9. The shelf was already cleared at my Target and I doubt they’ll restock anytime soon. They are in the middle of a complete store remodel and it’s driving me nuts!! Can’t find anything and stock is low.

  10. @ Joanne, yesterday i purchased 6 dial soaps, 1 one them was the hello kitty foam soap. I used 1 $3/6 MQ which went through fine and 3 $1/2 target q’s. The first 2 target q’s scanned fine, but the 3rd said item not found. It dont think the register was counting the hello kitty one. But i pointed out to the cashier that i had 6 dial soaps so i should be able to use the 3rd target q, so she just pushed it through

  11. Thank you! I scored 8 at lunch. .29 each after using 4 Target qs and 2 manufacture qs. They just restocked the shelves today.

  12. In defense of people who “cleared shelves” the first coupon was $3/6. You had to buy a minimum of 6 just to use the q. And most people will use both their prints so 12 per person easy. I haven’t bought any yet, just saying.

  13. I got 6 of the foam soaps today! They were on price cut for $1.47, so after 3 TQs and (1) $3/6 MQ, it was close to $0.50 each! MQ went through fine, but the cashier had to push all of the TQs through.

  14. Brandi- The same thing happened to me. The computer needed paper and just in the time it took to get paper in the priner it was gone!

  15. Went to target last night and supervisors were watching the cashiers, and after mine had scanned all my coupons, told him he needs to read them, it is one per guest, since everything was scanned, she let it go through, 🙁 I had never had that problem before. Why don’t they at least allow four like P&G? This is so frustrating, I don’t have time to go to Target 4 times a week.

    I will try a different Target tonight and see, but this is beyond frustrating.

  16. my target also says its 1 target coupon per a guest and even if you have 2 people it has to be in separate transaction so i wasn’t able to get the soap deal. i only took 4 and there were tons left on the shelf here.

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