New Kids Apparel Target Coupon, Sale & Clearance

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One of the great new Target Web Coupons we have today is for 15% off Kids apparel item (x6/23). This is definitely a coupon to print now while it lasts for a couple reasons. There is a great sale going on for all sorts of kids girls & boys clothing spearates including shorts, Tees, Tanks and more all at $5 each. This coupon would make them $4.25 each after your additional 15% Off.

Also to note- this coupon does not exclude clearance items and it is good on ANY brand. So many of you report finding a LOT of kids clothing on clearance right now at your stores including myself! But print this coupon now before it disappears!

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  1. I went to Target during my lunch today and could not use the 15% off coupons either. My cashier gotta be new cuz he didn’t know what to do and he called another lady over and she told me it’s ONLY for the items that show on the coupon. If the computer does not take, then I can’t use it.

    I did not argue cuz I always go to the same Target and don’t want to make a scene even tho I REALLY don’t think it make sense. However, I did find some skirts for my girls which are 70% off and only $1.50 each.

    Anyhow, I may go to another Target and hopefully other Cashier know the system better.

  2. Went to Target (Alpharetta, GA) during lunch and tried to use the coupon for Boys’ Circo ($5) shorts. The system did not take it and the cashier said that the shorts were not the “kid’s item”. Then he went to ask the manager who also confirmed that the item was not qualified as a “kid’s apparel”. So it did not work for me 🙁

  3. So, one coupon per item, right? I wish it would just apply to all the kids’ clothing you purchase in that transaction and not just one item. I understand they why they don’t want to do that, but it sure would be nice, wouldn’t it? 😉

  4. I went this morning and my coupon didn’t work, either. The guy had to manually put in the discount and he actually just took $1 off. My highest price kid item was $10 so I now realize he should have taken $1.50 off but at the time I wasn’t really paying attention and didn’t think about the cost of my highest item. Oh well. Probably won’t bother with it again because I hate having to deal with them calling a manager over and holding up the line. You’d think they’d have a computer system that was sophisticated enough to figure the % off without the cashier having to enter it manually.
    That being said, there were some great deals in the kid’s clearance sections.

  5. @Danielle: I had a similar problem yesterday with the BOGO50% off shoes coupon. I got 2 pairs of shoes and the coupon scanned $8.50 off (which was 50% the higher priced shoes). The cashier went in an manually adjusted it down to $5 off (half the lower priced shoes) even though nither the coupon nor the coupon policy says the discount must be on the lower priced item AND the computer took off $8.50! I complained to customer serivce about it and they refunded me my $3.50!!!

  6. i went to Target this morning and used the coupon on a clearance item, the coupon beeped and the cashier had no idea what to do, because it asked for the $ off and not %. So, she called over another cashier, who has no clue how to handle it and then they called over a manager, who informed me that no coupons can be used on clearance items, it was a new rule.

    Yea, i asked since when, because I bought 3 items on Wednesday that were clearance and the coupons were taken with no issue or word said to me. The managers response, ” Well, it isn’t allowed and it was wrong”. I then proceed to tell her the coupon does not exclude clearance items and therefore should be taken. She reads over the coupons and then takes out her cell phone to calculate the price and then her response is, ” I will let it go this time, but now you know the rules”.

    Then the cashier proceeds to scan the sweater for a 2nd time and take the percentage off by adjusting the price to the total the manager tells her, but cannot figure out the price by taking the discount amount off the price, then they both realize there is a % off button and do it that way. And i had to point out to them that they rang up the sweater twice.

    This Target tried the no coupons on clearance items with me about a year ago and I called corporate on them in the store and they were told to take the coupons, as no coupons exclude clearance merch. I am writing to Target corp now, as I hate when random managers and cashiers decide what the coupon policy is.

    And my item was a 7.48$ sweater I bought for my 5 year old, because it matched an outfit her doll had and she has been bugging me for a sweater just like that. So, i wasn’t getting anything for free or super cheap this time.

    Done with my rant, thank you!

  7. my coupon printed but without any wording on it, just a picture of two pieces of clothing and then the bar code… it doesnt say 15% off? Anyone else had this?

  8. I tried using the coupon on the shorts today and it beeped – the cashier had to manually figure out the discount.

  9. no- it’s normal to think like that when you are making an effort to use Qs correctly- I do it all the time- had a half-hour battle with myself this morning on whether or not after sun care was still sun care 🙂

  10. hahah yeah i shouldnt have even asked that. i was thinking if they questioned it id say duh she is my kid!!

  11. @Bill- yes it would- apparently I have not had enough coffee yet 😉

    @Mallory- imo yes babies are kids too 🙂

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