$5 Off $50 Purchase at Target Shopkick Coupon

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If you have the Shopkick App on your iPhone or Android, there is a new Target Store coupon for $5 Off a $50 Purchase at Target, valid thru 5/26. You can also get 300 kicks just for walking in the door of any Target store, plus there are 315 kicks available to earn for scanning! -Thanks for the heads up Dusti!

If you don’t have the Target Shopkick App on your Android or iPhone yet- it is a is a free downloadable application that automatically recognizes when you go into participating stores, restaurants and more. You earn points called “kickbucks” for anything from entering the store to scanning select bar codes while there that you redeem for different rewards including Target Gift Cards. You will also get scannable Target Coupons which you can redeem at checkout.

If you are new to Shopkick- you can get 50 Bonus Kicks when you sign up HERE. Once you sign up, you will then recieve a text message with a link to download the app. Once you download the app- the kicks will automatically be added to your account. You can then add Target to your Faves list on the app and there is no waiting for your coupons- you will instantly have access to them. Be sure and wait until you are at the register to use the coupons- they expire 12 hours after tapping the word “use”. Once you are the register- tap the word Use, and up will come a coupon & bar code for the cashier to scan.

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  1. i think its your own personal contact information and not the people in your actual contacts book that they are accessing which is really no different than fb or anything else you sign up for. but yes something to be cautious of because im sure most people dont always read the disclaimers.

  2. Hey everyone –

    Just reading the permissions for the Android app. It says that you are giving the developer access to all of your contact information. There appears to be no restriction on the amount of contact data that they’re allowed to collect. I’d love to save $5 but I’m not sure it’s worth this invasion of my contacts??? Something to consider…


  3. yes i had it open. i closed it and reopened. the green waves were there and it would just keep doing the little thing with the person walking through the door over and over and sometimes it would say cannot validate signal, but only a few times did it say that. the other times it just showed me the guy walking through the door. i did email shopkick so hopefully i will get my kicks still. i know i am not the only person who had an issue. super excited if they can get it fixed because i do go to target about twice a week. i am up to 800 kicks now, so thats a $2 target gc woo hoo. lol.

  4. OMG I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with this new App….I got my boyfriend, son and a coworker to sign up for this. Last night my boyfriend and I went to Target and “ping” hello Carmalina…here are 300 points!!! woo hooo we had soooo much fun walking around the store looking for the items and scanning them…its a grown up scavenger hunt….thanks soo much for sharing this

    @Christine….do you know that you have to have the Shop Kick app open when you walkin?

  5. @Christine: They were running a promo the other day where you could pop a bubble with 2x Kicks. The catch is that is was a gift to give to somebody else 🙁 So, the only way you could have gotten a 2x multiplier was if someone sent you one through the app.

  6. @Kellie: I linked my Visa debit card last December since I was buying so much at Toys R Us for the holidays. I’ve gotten lots of kicks that way and I have never had an issue with it. You just provide your card number and name I believe, you don’t have to give them a billing address, expiration, or the number on the back. It’s not a scam or anything. I live in a smaller area and so the only stores with the Visa kicks option are Toys R Us and Old Navy. It always works for me at Toys R Us but never at Old Navy. Just make sure you run your card as a credit if it’s a debit card. I generally get a confirmation on my phone before I have even made it out the door.

  7. walkins didnt work at mine and i think i was supposed to have 2x. i think i popped an instant surprise or something that said 2x walk ins, but it was kinda quick and you cant go back and see what it was. does this sound right for those of you who got 2x? i tried over and over to get it to work, i even turned my phone off and back on. hopefully they give them to me still.

  8. OMG! So excited that Target in AZ FINALLY HAS WALK-INS!!! I was always so jealous of everyone who already had walk-ins at their Target!! 😀

  9. Has anyone linked a Visa to shopkick? I am slightly nervous about it but wondering if others do it without a problem!

  10. My shopkick app does not work at all…I need help…does anyone know how I can get help with this app

  11. wondering if this will work… my hubby has a smartphone but we have texting turned off… can you do the confirmation thing without getting a text about it? is there another way?

  12. Anyone, have a promo code…I signed up a while ago and for some reason it keeps promoting me to enter a promo code…I don’t have any kicks yet.

  13. Also today it’s 300 points if you have the 2X bonus you get 600 walkin kicks. That’s equal to a $2.00 gift card

  14. Let’s hope the coupon lasts longer than a couple hours instead of suddenly becoming unavailable like last time!

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