New $2/2 Kotex Printable Coupons = FREE at Target

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Wow there sure are a lot of feminine care coupons out new today including several for Kotex products. There are actually 2 different coupons you can print, from 2 different links and they will make the Kotex Natural Balance Liners FREE at Target. 🙂

Kotex Natural Balance Pantiliners 18 Count Box .99 (Regular Price)
$2.00 off 2 packages of KOTEX Natural Balance
$2/2 Kotex Natural Balance Products ETS
after either coupon you will get 2 boxes for FREE!


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  1. I looked up walmart coupon policy and it says that if a coupon exceed the price the excess can be given to the customer in cash or applied toward the basket purchase. I called walmart and spoke to the manager and she told me she never heard that and asked me where I got that information. I told her Walmart Corporate she told me she would have to investigate that because it was news to her! Then she asked my if I was expecting them to give it to me free. I was not happy. I feel that if the manager does not know the policy then how can they expect their employees to.

  2. Lisa, I have had the same problems at Walmart (and a few times at target). It is so frustrating!!! One cashier kept telling me that the item cost less than the value of the coupon so “the computer” wouldn’t take it. I kept asking her to please scan the coupon and see what happens and she looked at me like I should just believe her and walk away. There were other customers in line and the line was getting long so she finally scanned the coupon and guess what, the computer adjusted down the price and she had nothing to say after that. I really do feel like couponers (esp. those with more than a few coupons in a transaction and/or people with high value coupons that makes things free) sometimes get treated like thieves. It actually makes me quite uncomfortable and nervous at times when I get into a checkout line with coupons.

  3. I went to Walmart and was told they could not take the coupons because the liners were 94cents each I had 2 and the coupon was for more than than the products. I ask if they could adjust the coupon down and was told they can’t do that. Every time I go to Walmart with a coupon they look at it and look at the product and have to ask someone if they can take it . I use coupons for the product it is for and they make me feel like I am trying to cheat them. I am so over walmart.

  4. Donating isnt bad at all,it feels good to give others what i dont need,but it isnt just one person getting every item on that shelf,TT is up for everyone to see,thats why the coupons go so fast online,because we all see it and then everyone heads out to target after lol i will go to the store 1-2 hours after something is posted on here where the item will be free and there isnt anything left. I find it frustrating that the item isnt there but i dont care if its gone,i know someone needed it or whatever. The people you should be annoyed at arnt the shoppers its the employees,i see it as as soon as something is cleared on the shelf it should be restocked,which it hardly ever is,and then weeks will go by and i stop in again and there still isnt anything there,they dont get 15 at a time and thats all they have,i just dont think that target does a very good job restocking shelves,and also you have to ask if they have anymore in the back too,they might not be out. If there isnt anything there it isnt anybodys fault,they obviously wanted it

  5. An empty shelf doesn’t mean there was one person that came to grab everything. I think extreme couponing has given a false impression of couponers. A lot of items at my store aren’t stocked on the shelf by the hundreds or anything, so just a few people reading the blogs stopping at the same store may have picked all the stock up… not necessarily one person.

  6. As a single mom doing my best to help my daughter through her college years, I do understand what Heather is saying. I know there are others in much greater need than myself, but it really is a struggle for me from paycheck to paycheck. I am fortunate enough to have a job that allows overtime, and I work 45-50 hours/wk. And without awesome sites like TT to help me keep my daughter supplied with health/beauty products, paper goods, etc, I wouldn’t be able to afford to make the 400 mile round trip to visit her at school. So while I do hope to find the desired product(s) still on the shelf, I also know no one is going to get every deal every time. I would like to think that folks who are donating large quantities of a particular item would make arrangements with a store to place a special order, if possible. And I totally respect all who choose to donate on a regular basis. Even when items end up being “free”, it still costs money for paper, ink, gas, plus a great amount of labor and time!

  7. I don’t think it matters whether you donate, give away, or use a product yourself, you should always be considerate of other people.

    I think some people think that because you are donating or giving something away, which are good deeds, that it is okay to wipe out the shelf. I don’ t go to a local shelter or food pantry but money is tight and I still need to save when I can.

    I had 20 carefree panyliner coupons that got me free pantyliners. I used them all but only bought 2 or 3 at a time and spread out the purchase over a couple of weeks. I know you can’t always do that but you can try.

  8. @Elizabeth S.
    I’m not sure if you’ve noticed;but, I’m positive that people who you donate the stuff to actually need it. You might want the great deal; but, you need to realize there are people who actually need the products and can’t afford them! I’m pretty sure that ever once and a while you can pay the actual price for an item. Trust me, It won’t kill you! You need to think of others and not just yourself!

  9. @Heather and Codelia: I actually agree with you guys. I don’t think there is anything wrong with couponing and donating. I think it’s great, but I’ve experienced first hand the ugly side of couponing and donating. A good friend of mine got into couponing and she will clear the shelf of EVERYTHING and then she’ll give away quite a bit of it, but it’s not fair to her fellow couponers and even myself. I always tell her to give me at least an hour headstart before she gets there because I only have two computers so the most I’ll ever get of a deal is four items, but she’s got access to a lot of coupons and computers so she can wipe the place out! Lol. Donating these things that we get free from coupons is great and it’s so beneficial–I always donate things out of my stockpile every 2-3 months (my stockpile isn’t very big but it sustains my family!)–and I know that it doesn’t apply to everyone, but it can just be a little frustrating when you only want ONE deal for your family and you can’t get it because someone wiped out the whole thing!

  10. This is a great deal!!! I’m getting some for me and my sister house. BTW I’m with Heather on this one she is right. What I do myself is that when I get a great deal on things like pet food, meds,baby items and ect things that i donate I wait until the last day to grab those items. That way the other people can grab a great deal too. The way I look at it is the last day is fair game to everyone so I have the right to clear the shelf.

  11. I’m with you Heather. Donating is great but doesn’t mean you have to clear the shelves to do it. Coupons aren’t just put out for donating, they are put out for a consumer to try a product, become a fan of it, and buy more. It’s called marketing. They don’t put out coupons just for donations, families and people in need are out there using coupons too. Imagine that.

  12. Target still adjust coupons down…its their policy…and walmart still question the value of the coupon..and they are supposed to mark it down too. Lack of training I think

  13. My husband has been laid off for over a year and I have been working part time at the same time. We have not gotten any donations from anyone nor have we asked. I coupon and pick up 1-2 free items from time to time and agree with Heather that is is annoying to meet cleared shelves in the stores and being told by the cashier that someone just came and bought the store supply in one transaction. Wonderful that all of you are doing all this donating, I would just like to know how to benefit from all of your kindness and selflessness. I would consider myself in need as well.

  14. I did this deal earlier at my Target in Fayetteville, NC – coupons didn’t beep 🙂

  15. When items are donated they are going to people who “actually need the products” as well.

  16. Elizabeth I’m not going to argue with you about this, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with letting other people get a great deal on something when they actually need the products before buying them to donate. It feels that you are insinuating that people should instead have to pay full price for something since there are other people that are in need. There are always people in need, and sometimes people need products for themselves as well. I’m sure you can appreciate that. Please put yourself in someone’s shoes that needs a good price on a product but can’t find it because the shelves are cleared for donations. I would never, ever say not to donate anything, but only to think about it before you clear the shelves. I’m not sure why that’s shocking.

  17. @Heather…I am shocked by what I just read. I have two items I donate on a weekly basis…Pet Food so those in need can keep their pets at home and Tampons/Pads. Personally, it breaks my heart that a person would have to chose between food and hygiene products. I try not to judge others for their words or actions, but I think you should put yourself in someone elses shoes before posting such a comment again.

  18. Please remember to leave some for others if you’re only buying them for donation. Nothing makes me more irritated than people clearing shelves only to donate the items, when there are others that might want/need the products for themselves. 🙂

  19. I can’t tell for sure, but in the picture above it looks like the price bar code says “16ct” not 18ct. Can anyone confirm?

  20. I just have a quick question: did this coupon beep for anyone? Just wanted to know before I try it out since my store is a little touchy with coupons. 🙁 Thanks in advance!

  21. tried this today and my target wouldnt do it. They couldnt take the coupon because the items were less than the $2.00 coupon ($1.98) and they arent allowed to adjust for coupons anymore. didnt have time to fight them… will try it at walmart!

  22. Finally got it! Had to right click on it for some reason & open the link that way? Thanks for your help Kayla & Thanks Totally Target!

  23. I printed from both with no problems either time. Thanks for the heads up- great donation items, if you don’t use them yourself!

  24. @ Lori- I had to try it multiple times before I got to it. Once I did I printed the coupon out twice!

  25. I cannot get the link to for the “my” one to work? Has anyone had any luck printing from that link? “Cannot display the webpage”.

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