New Fisher Price Little People Coupon & Target Deal

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We have a new manufacturer’s coupon this morning valid for $3/1 Fisher Price Little People L’il Movers Toys. These cute sets are included in the Special Deal at Target for B1G1 50% Off Select Fisher Price Toys thru 6/2 which makes for a very nice deal after coupons.

The van is priced at $13.99 and the plane and bus are priced at $18.99 and there may be other L’il movers sets available too but here’s a couple of deal ideas for you with the ones I know of..

DEAL IDEA #1: Buy 2 Fisher Price Little People Little Movers Van Sets ($13.99) = $27.98
-$7 (one set will be automatically be 50% Off with Target Deal
-$6.00 (use two $3/1 Fisher Price Little People L’il Movers Toys
= $14.98 for 2 or $7.50 each or like getting almost 50% Off with coupons and Target deal

DEAL IDEA #2: Buy Fisher Price Little People Little Movers Bus & Plane ($18.99 ea) = $37.98
-$9.50 (one set will be automatically be 50% Off with Target Deal
-$6.00 (use two $3/1 Fisher Price Little People L’il Movers Toys
= $22.48 for 2 or $11.24 each after coupons and Target deal 

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  1. Hi Kerry,

    A big thanks to you and your sister for checking this out for me. I saw your update last night. 🙂

  2. Thank you Cait- I’m gonna check it out tonight , that is an awesome deal! Hopefully I will get the same!!:)

  3. I left off- I am thinking they may consider the Little People toys baby toys since they start at age 1 in their recommended age group Maybe I just got extremely lucky with both cashiers. :).

  4. Jackie & Malia, since the Target store had those coupons stuck on the Little People toys, I left them on the package and had the cashier remove it to scan them so there was no arguing. The cashier (went to two different cashiers since I went to the store twice to capitalize on this deal) both accepted the Target store coupons on the Little People toys without issue and even commented what a good deal they were. Best advice- if your store has the $5 Target store coupon on the Little People toys, leave them on and have the cashier remove the coupon to scan at check out.

  5. I thought the same as Jackie ,that you had to purchase a Fisher Price baby item to get $5 off a Fisher Price toy $9.99 or more……i was debating to myself what qualifies as a “baby item” because a lot of the FP toys are for 6mos and up, there really was no specifications. I wanted to use it but didn’t just because It was too early and the more I thought about it -the more confused I got.LOL! Did anyone else buy these items using the $5 off coupon w/out problems?? Thanks!!

  6. Cait- I saw that $5 coupon attached to the toy too, however after reading what it says I took it as that you had to purchase a Fisher Price baby item to get $5 off a Fisher Price toy $9.99 or more. So I didn’t use it. Anyone else thinking about heading over to Target to score this deal- Good Luck! Those toys are sold out and probably will not be restocked until after the sale is over- Also no Rain Checks given!

  7. np Julie- my sis Kelley MAY be going to T today- so if she does- I will ask her to double check it. Or if anyone else checks it out first- please let us know. 🙂

  8. Thanks Kerry. I called for the price it’s $89.99 for anyone else who might be interested. I was thinking about getting 2 if included. I noticed someone left a comment on another site about the Target sale. I can’t remember seeing signs by those big items, but there were some larger toys yesterday when I was at the store. Too bad the coupon didn’t come out yesterday so I could check. Thanks for the quick answer- your the best!

  9. Hi Julie- my guess would be no. I mean I could be wrong- but when I was there on Sunday- none of the big baby entertainment type of FP items were included. I think the jumparoo is pretty pricey- want to say upwards of $70 or so $ but not positive. sorry i can’t really provide you with much of a definite answer but hth.

  10. Hi Kerry,

    I’m curious if you know if the Fisher Price luv u zoo jumparoo is included in the buy 1 toy get 1 50% off? There ia a new $10 off coupon. I saw the rattles but couldn’t find out about the jumparoo. I called but she wasn’t sure.

    Thank you!

  11. My Target (Wichita, KS) is selling the Fisher Price Little Movers School Bus and Plane for $18.89 each – so normally $37.78 together plus tax. With the Buy One Get One 1/2 Off deal, it dropped it to $28.33. I used two of the $3 manufacturer coupons which dropped it down to $22.33. Then on each box, they had a Target store coupon for $5 off any Fisher Price Toy priced $10 or more! WOW! Brought it down to a grand total of $12.33 plus tax for both!

  12. thank you, my great nephew’s birthday is coming up and he was visiting and I let him play with an old Little Tykes Van and he pushed it all over the place.

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