Happy Birthday Number Seven Austin!

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Today is my son Austin’s 7th Birthday and I just don’t know where the time has gone. It’s truly a day to celebrate for me- and a reminder of how fortunate I am that he fought his way to survive in this world despite his rough beginning being born too soon. I am so lucky to have this little guy in my life and I am so proud of him – how well he is doing in school, his enthusiasm for life and that he cares about others and the world around him.

He is quite the character and I thought this shot I caught of him mid-air jumping into the pool last weekend was a perfect representation of my crazy little man. He loves to have fun and fills my life with love, joy and laughter. He also gives me quite a few gray hairs and has caused my heart to jump more than once- but it’s all worth it and I am so happy & blessed to have him as my son.

He is in his last week of school, and I am going to join him for lunch this afternoon. I figure I don’t have too much longer before it won’t be cool to have his mom show up at school to share a sandwich. 😉 So I’ll take the hugs and kisses now while I can get them! 🙂

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  1. Happy Birthday Austin!! Kerry if you think these 7 years have gone by fast, hang on, they’ll be speeding by and we’ll all be congratulating him on graduating from highschool!

  2. Happy Birthday Austin. You are adorable and love that fantastic photo of you having lots of fun! You are certainly the apple of your momma’s eye!

  3. Happy Birthday, Austin!! Hope you are enjoying your day!! Have a Great Summer!!

  4. Cool shot! Love this action photo! All three of my boys were born early as well so I know that feeling every time a birthday rolls around. And, they do grow up so fast so enjoy every minute of it. Mine just turned 10 (twins) and 13 within the last few weeks.

  5. Happy birthday Austin. Y’all have had a exciting year glad you have roots and adapting to your new home. Enjoy the kid time mines 13 and says noway, thank goodness my other two still claim me.

  6. Happy Birthday Austin! I love reading your posts about his birthday every year. My son turned 7 yesterday, and he has fought major medical problems since the day he was born. He’s now doing really well and is a happy 1st grader. I’m so happy for you and Austin that he is healthy and here to celebrate 7 years.

  7. Happy 7th Birthday Austin!! Kerry, what a cute little man you have. Hope you both have a great day:)

  8. Happy Birthday! that’s a nice picture! my oldest daughter is turning 7 tomorrow :-), and yes time go by so fast 😉 !!

  9. Happy Birthday, Austin! Kerry, thank you for everything you do! And thank you to your side kicks as well. You help me save a lot of money where I love to shop at! Thank you!

  10. Happy Birthday!! my first child Blake, a boy, who is 6 now was born 26 weeks gestation and spent 90 days in NICU level 3. I know how you feel, It was the greatest and the scariest time of my life. And they made it…thank god!!

  11. @Mitchell @ Frugal Finders CONGRATULATIONS on your graduation…..My only son Graduates from High School this month….I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO IT…don’t know how I’m going to handle life on my own again

  12. Happy Birthday Austin! You are so blessed to have a Mom who loves you soo much. By his picture this kid looks as tho he loves life. Is a very happy, loved and nurtured kid. Yes enjoy your sandwiches together because kids do grow up fast. Enjoy your day!

  13. that is an awesome picture! it shows how much he enjoy that moment of his life all because of you, kerry! enjoy this speacil day!

  14. Happy Birthday Austin! Enjoy your special day and Kerry, cherish your memories! Have fun!

  15. Happy Birthday Austin, hope ur blessed with many, many great years with ur wonderful momma (and family) who we love and appreciate!!!:) (love ur blog Kerry) 🙂

  16. Happy Birthday to Austin! Today is my 37th birthday…June 5 is a great day for birthdays!

  17. The nearest thing to heaven on earth is a child in your arms! Wishing him the happiest of birthdays today!

  18. Happy Bday Austin and congrats to you Kerry! You’re an awesome and loving mom. Enjoy your lunch!

  19. Happy Birthday Austin! Kerry, my son is 13 and he only lets me kiss him before he goes to bed and when he leaves for school in the morning! I had a really hard pregnancy with him and still to this day call him my baby but they grow up so fast and it’s sometimes hard to realize that the time has just blown by! They are such blessing though 🙂 Have fun!

  20. What a sweetie! Happy Birthday!!! Yes the time does fly by, take all you can get now.

  21. Happy Birthday Austin! That is a fantastic photo! Looks like he would get along great with my 4 adventurous boys!

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