New Coupons for Brave Video Game Gift Card Deal

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Wow- Target just made the offer for a FREE $10 Gift Card wyb the Brave Video Game even better by releasing 4 new coupons- one for each version of the game.

This Gift Card offer is available starting today, Tuesday, June 19th and will be valid thru 6/23 only. The Brave Video Game for PS3/Xbox 360/Wii is $49.99 and the Brave Video Game for DS is $29.99, but what makes the purchase even better is that the Video Games also include $8 in Movie Cash! Here are the new coupons…

$5/1 Disney Pixar Brave Nintendo DS Game Target Web Coupon x7/21
$10/1 Disney Pixar Brave Xbox 360 Game Target Web Coupon x7/21
$10/1 Disney Pixar Brave Nintendo Wii Game Target Web Coupon x7/21
$10/1 Disney Pixar Brave Playstation 3 Game Target Web Coupon x7/21

So the DS Game will be $14.99 After coupon & Gift Card PLUS get $8 in movie Cash back! And the PS3/Xbox 360/Wii versions will be $29.99 after coupon and gift card plus get $8 in movie cash back!

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  1. This works online, too. I just got the one for the DS using the Promo code on the Target printable (REXYAN84) and there is free shipping for new releases so no charge there. With tax it came to 25.98 and I’m getting the $10 GC in the mail, too. I’m not sure about the $8 Movie Cash but I don’t see why the online version wouldn’t have it as well. Worst comes to worst, I’ll exchange it for one that does in store if it doesn’t come with it and just let CS know what happened. This is going in my son’s good behavior prize box. 🙂

  2. can you give any details on the movie cash? We don’t have like a big name theater around here and thats who usually offers the movie deals. Just wondering if we’d actually be able to use the movie cash or not.

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