Heinz Vinegar as Low as FREE at Target thru 7/21

So if 12 cents wasn’t cheap enough for you, how does FREE sound? 🙂 Right now the Heinz Vinegar is on a new price cut thru 7/21 for as low as $1 making it FREE after the new coupon…

Heinz Vinegar 16 oz : Apple Cider $1.07 or White $1
-$1/1 Heinz Vinegar 6-24-12 SS x8/31
= as low as FREE

Vinegar has an amazingly long shelf life, and is good for all kinds of things besides making salad dressing, or an ingredient to color Easter eggs- it has a huge variety of household uses. Check out this article from Readers Digest with 150 ways to use Vinegar!

-Thanks for the e-mails and comments to Nick, Dani & Lacey!

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  1. My store was very well stocked on these last night. We didn’t get the coupon in our local SS but I was able to get coupons through a service for a great price. Yay for not needing to buy vinegar for a LONG time!

  2. We didn’t get this coupon either. Vinegar is a main ingredient in a cleaning solution I make for our floors. Drats!

  3. All out of apple cider vinegar so this is perfect. It’s great to keep fruit flies away from the fruit bowl!

  4. We have 3 Targets in our area. One of the Targets was only price cut to $1.05, fully stocked. Another Target that had these price cut to $1, but they were all sold out. Trying the third Target tonight. *Fingers Crossed*

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