HUGE Savings on Select Dyson Vacuums at Target

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UPDATE 6/27: From the comments- this is looking like a dead deal now folks. πŸ™ Glad some of you got it while it lasted.Β 

Wow! Here is a very nice deal that you may be able to find at your stores on the Dyson DC24 & DC26 model Vacuums. There are actually several models that are on an unadvertised Gift Card Deal this week thru 6/30. The Sale savings and Gift Card amounts vary depending on which model you buy, but on these two particular models- between the sale & Gift Card it makes for a HUGE savings.

Keep in mind unadvertised deals can be regional and unavailable at all stores- but if you have interest, it certainly can’t hurt to look. Valerie & Diana found the DC24 & DC26 model Vacuums marked down on sale from $399 to $219 AND thereΒ was an offer on both for a FREE $80 Target Gift Card. Which means after Gift Card & Sale you will pay $139 for either of these models or like getting for 65% Off the Regular Price. Kelley was also able to confirm that she saw the same sale & Gift Card offers at her store this morning.

Big thanks to the heads up on this to Valerie & Diana C!

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  1. WARNING!!! This vaccum is not $219 its $399 w/ $ 80 gift card!!! Target made a price MISTAKE and yanked all the ads in store. I just checked 2 stores in the bay area.

  2. Atlanta: **UPDATE** Thanks to the post from Kacey above (and having bought the DC24 model that same day), I took the chance in calling Bed, Bath and Beyond in Houston…there are SIX of them! You see, one of our Atlanta stores DID price match, but management said they could not issue a gift card.

    After speaking w/Josie @ Houston store, and mentioning a fellow reader in her area shared her experience of price match+gift card on this site, I asked if there was something ‘I’ could do. She said, “Oh! We want to take good care of you, we want your business and we will do what is necessary.” She asked me to return to my local store w/receipt in hand for my gift card…and that if there’s any issue to call her back and she will handle.

    I did just that and scored the extra perk ($80 gc)! (Note: I had been carrying a printed copy of the Target promo in hand.) All that to say a little persistence (and patience) pays off. Prior to my purchase, I had visited a handful of Target stores and called about a dozen.

    I haven’t worked this hard for a deal since the HP Touchpad last year, but it’s SO worth it!

    p.s. Heidi (from most recent post), way to go! Good job on being on your feet and snapping a picture. Sounds like it paid off for you, yay!

  3. Just had to say that my Target manager called me back, and he honored the price since I had actually taken a photo of the sign on my phone. Conveniently he was working tonight, so I got the $180 back and still received the $80 GC.

  4. Our store was stocked overnight, so after checking online, I sent my husband this AM. Rang up at $399 and no $80 gift card. The signage was there yesterday, and an associate told us to stop in today because more were coming on the truck. The store lead essentially told my husband he was making it up when he inquired about it. I have a call into the store manager but will apparently be returning this.

  5. I just went to my Target and they pulled the deal! No vacuum for me! Very disappointed !

  6. I bought one today in Hesperian, ca. They had several as well as the Victorville and apple valley stores. I drove 40 miles. And they had the patio at ,90% off so a definite score on some patio furniture. Unfortunately about 3 people bought all the patio furniture. If u are in so cal it’s worth the drive or a phone call.

  7. ive been wanting a dyson for a couple of years now. thanks to totally target and the awesom deal, i now have one. i live in san antonio, and i found a store that had them in stock and on sale. wow. big thanks.

  8. My husband went to our target here in Jax, FL and they would not sell it to him for this price even though it was orginally marked on sale for $219. They told him it was $399 with the gift card and that the $219 was an error and marked incorrectly. Totally would have loved to have gotten that deal though!

  9. I went to target yesterday and every target in Houston was sold out. I called bed bath and beyond that they price matched it for me and gave me an $80 gift card to their store.

  10. After checking at 5 of my local VA stores I finally found one about 20 miles away. It was the last one. I used it last night and I love it! I had been waiting to buy one because they are just too darn expensive. Our vacuum was on it’s last leg and we really needed a new one for our move to our new house next month. After all the discounts, $25 in gift cards I already had, & my 5% red card savings I only paid $110. That price cannot be beat! I LOVE Target!!! πŸ™‚

  11. Thanks for the heads up! I got the last DC26 at my store yesterday. We used it last night and it is perfect on hardwoods. Thank you!

  12. I went today and bought both the DC24 model and the DC 26 model each with tax came to $146.97…(after the 80$ gift card) THAT is a great price…i plan on putting back for chirstmas gifts….

  13. Just picked the last one up in KC on ward parkway! It rang up for $399 but after I told the cashier that the tag said $219, he updated the total and gave me my $80 gift card. Thanks! What a great deal πŸ™‚

  14. I would call before you go. I was told it was a price error and the tags were removed.

  15. This is such a great deal! Hubby and I went to 2 different locations here in Northern VA to see if we could pick one up! We were both told they are completely sold out in VA! The store manager actually told us that when the sale started they didn’t think the models would sell out because they aren’t very big but she stated that they were completely wrong and she would have loved to get one! Called another store in the area because website stated they had 1 left…of course it was the floor model which they aren’t selling. Great deal for those that got one!

  16. I saw these at my local store yesterday also. They were sold out as well as several other stores in the Omaha area. I did find a Dyson DC26 at one store and put it on hold. I did not end up picking it up because I realized the DC24 and DC26 are small vacuums meant for small homes or apartments. The cleaning path width of the DC26 is only 5.1″! If you have a large home like mine it would take you a very long time to vacuum. The DC24 has a larger cleaning path width but it has a smaller cannister than the larger Dyscon vacs, and so you would be emptying it frequently. Bottom line is even though this is a tremendous deal, these vacuums are mostly for small homes or apartments so don’t feel bad if you missed out on the deal!

  17. Had to drive 35 miles each way with my son tonight to get the one i had put by. just got home and tried it and LOVE it. I can actually vacuum while i am holding my 1 year old son in my arm its so easy to use. This was an awesome deal. i have needed a properly working vacuum for so long. Thanks so much TotallyTarget – you are fab!

  18. I got one! My local store which is 45 minutes away had one DC24 on the shelf when I got there. I have since got it home and I love it! What it pulled out my carpet was grossly amazing!!!!!!

  19. I got the DC24 today after driving 45 miles because my local stores (5 of them) we’re sold out. My mom and I actually bought the last two they had! I’m in central Wisconsin. I can’t wait to get it out of the box.

  20. Yay! FINALLY I got a deal before it ran out! Felt kind of bad though when a lady walked over to the aisle right after I grabbed the only one they had on the shelf at my store! Tha’ts usually me getting there a minute too late! Sorry whoever you are at the Chambersburg, PA store!

  21. Bought mine (south texas) just today. I took the last 24 model, but several canister vacs were available at the 219 price

  22. Hi again. I called BBB and they ARE in stock and they price match, but they don’t offer a gift card (frown). Also, some of their coupons do exclude Dyson so please be sure to check before jetting out the door. This is SUCH a fab deal!

  23. I got the last one of either in my store (DC 26). I probably would have chosen the other style just b/c I’ve never had one like this before, but I’m not complaining! I think I’m lucky to have gotten one at all. I used my Target card and saved $6.95. The original total was $220. So, they take the 5% off after they subtract the gift card amount. I don’t understand that. You are putting $220 on your card. When you later use the gift card, you will not be saving 5% b/c you aren’t paying with your Target card. I would understand if you were saving 5% on the original $80 then another 5% when you pay with your gift card. Anyway, someone else asked if it was 5% off the total or after the gift card…

  24. Anyone know if the bed bath and beyond price match will give the $80 gift card as well and the 20% off from a bed bath and beyond coupon like the post above mentioned? This would be super awesome!

  25. Tal – apparently online it shows the floor model but they cant sell it. i think when it says limited stock that means they have 1 which is the floor model. hope this helps.

  26. Does anyone know if the “find it in store” option on is reliable for finding out if the vacuum is in stock? How often is the target web site updated to reflect current availability?

  27. Atlanta: Wow! What a phenomal deal! Unfortunately, our local store is out of stock – there were 4 others there before me + 3 callers! Anyhow, it’s not available online, either.

    If all else, I guess for those of us who need on (ours is as old as…well, dirt!) we can go to plan B: PRICE MATCH. I called our local Bed, Bath and Beyond and they will + there’s a 20% off coupon, woot!

  28. Nice price, to bad I don’t need one, I have wanted one of these for a while but it was just to expensive so we got a dirt devil. Wish they had this deal two weeks ago

  29. I want one of these ! I called my local target and they don’t have any :(. I’ll try again. I wish they’d offer it online.

  30. Just got one! Last one in the area- been wanting one but usually they are soooo expensive! Thanks Totally Target for the head’s up!

  31. I went to my store and they had the giftcard deal but not the sale, anyone else running into this issue?

  32. definately call around before you go. i called 9 target stores, and none of them have the dc24 or dc26 in stock. πŸ™

  33. I called our local stores and they all have just the floor model in stock. Not sure if they’re going to be getting more in later this week. Sure hope so!

  34. Awesome thanks!!!! Just got the DC 24 and the last one on the shelf. We love our original dyson and we wanted a second one to keep on the bottom level of our house because the other one is much much heavier to drag up and down. Great price!

  35. I saw this deal on here a little while ago and went right out to my ohio target and got the Dyson 26 canister multifloor.. i got the 80 dollar gift card.. i got it home and tryed it out and I LOVE IT!!!!!

  36. I saw this deal (need anew vacuum badly but didnt want to spend an arm and a leg) and took my son to go get one. there was a line of people wanting to know if any were in stock in other local targets and there weren’t. I asked the cs rep to look further afield (im experienced at this) and they had 3 of them 35 miles away. I have one on hold and will leave to pick one up once my son wakes from his nap (poor kid is used to having to leave at a moments notice after me seeing deals on totally target πŸ˜‰ ).
    The DC26 was way too small – the dc24 is pretty small and flimsy looking compared to the bigger versions but after reading several reviews its pretty good. im currently using a vacuum thats on its last legs and cant wait to go get this.
    Before you go – CALL YOUR STORE!!!! You wont waste any time because everyone is after this deal!

  37. We got the Dyson DC-24 earlier this year and I highly recommend it. We have a golden retriever and that things sucks up his hair with ease! I wouldn’t pay the additional money for the animal version as this one is more than adequate.

    I believe ours was $400 and included a $100 gift card. So, this is a steal! If you’ve been waiting to get one, I’d jump on it now. I’ve never seen it this low and you won’t be disappointed with how well it cleans your house!

  38. Would the 5% off discount be on the $219 (before gift card) or on the $139 (after gift card)?

  39. I may have to check this out! I have always wanted one of these, but never wanted to pay the price. Thank you!

  40. Online is showing a giftcard with purchase. I am looking at the DC41 Animal Upright. It is $599 with $120 giftcard. Has anyone seen this deal in stores or with a lower pricetag?

  41. I was able to get this deal at my Target (Northern California) yesterday. I even got an extra 5% off using my red card.

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