New $10 Mail in Rebate wyb $30 Worth of Olay

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There’s a new mail in rebate for $10 wyb $30 worth of Olay Products that you can print HERE. Purchases need to be made between July 1, 2012 and August 31, 2012.

You will need to submit the rebate form and original register receipt with item(s) and purchase price(s) circled and enter the UPC codes in the spaces provided on the form. Request must be submitted by September 15, 2012. There is a limit of 1 rebate per name, address or envelope and you should allow 6-8 weeks to receive your rebate.

If you are a fan of the pricier moisturizers- there is an offer for a FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 2 select Olay Total Effects Moisturizers thru 7/7. Prices start at $17.99…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 Olay Total Effects Moisturizer ($17.99) = $35.98
-$2/1 Olay Facial Cleanser, Moisturizer or Treatment Target Q Summer Beauty Bag x8/31
-$4.00 (use two $2/1 Olay Total Effects Facial Moisturizer 7-1-12 PG x7/31
= $29.98 – $5 Gift Card Back wyb 2
= $24.98 – $10 (submit for Mail in Rebate wyb $30 in Olay Products (HERE)
= $14.98 for 2 or $7.49 each after coupons, Gift Card & Rebate or like saving almost 60%

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  1. Suzanna, So are you able to resubmit more receipts?

    I too have done that before. I guess it depends on the store receipts. Some will list coupons used right under the product amount and others will have coupons used at the bottom, so they dont know what coupons were used.

    I was going to submit mine as stated in my previous post but I called just to make sure and they told me $30 ad to be after coupons. 🙁

  2. i have always gotten the rebate back and i hardlly paid anything after coupons!
    i always enter price before coupons on the rebate form!

  3. I’ve received my rebate of “insufficient amount” I called and told them my total add $30.81. She told me it has to be after coupons, my total after coupon is $24.81 so it insufficient. I’ve sent many submission circled the price before coupons and it worked. This is 1st time I am not sure what to do? I asked where in the form does it say before or after coupons? they could not find for me and told leave my number someone will call me back with more information.

  4. I just called the # on the rebate form and was told that the Venus-olay razors would not qualify. The lady I talked to even told me that the UPC for the products that qualify for this offer start with 0-75609. Hope this helps.

  5. @Julie – i have done several Olay rebates. The first few I called and made sure I spoke to a supervisor. They always have told me to circle the price before coupons and that the rebate is good as long as you spend the required amount before the coupons. I have always received my rebates with no problem! hth!

  6. I just called customer service number and I asked about spending $30 . The girl told me that i had to spend $30 after coupons! I dont know whether or not to submit my form. Will they send it back to me or at least a letter to let me know that I did not qualify? My total before coupons was $34.44 after coupons total is $19.98.

    My receipt list item full price
    then vender coupon amount
    then sale price discount

    olay regen detox scub
    sku: 075609026232-81 $8.99
    Vender Coupon -3.00
    50% off Olay regen -2.25

    I dont know what price I am suppose circle?

  7. I called regarding the Venus with Olay razors as well, and was told by the woman on the phone that they do qualify. I could hear her turning through pages of paper to check.

    I did the deal anyway and submitted for the rebate. I personally won’t believe what the woman on the phone told me until I receive my check in the mail! 😉

  8. @couponkelly- P&G owns many many many brands- Covergirl, Satincare, Iams, Secret, Puffs, CHarmin, Bounty etc. There is Olay in select COvergirl cosmetics and there is now even Olay in select Satincare Shave Gel – but I would not expect these products would be included either since the main brand of products are Covergirl & SatinCare. You are welcome to call Olay & inquire- the phone # for Questions is 1-866-512-6976. This supervisor was told that I was going to publish on a blog if they were included and therefore I wanted to make 100% certain before many many people saw it that the razors were/were not included. She came back and told me they were not. If someone gets a different answer from a supervisor that they are included- I am more than happy to call & go through the motions again. I just cannot in good conscience tell you all to go for it at this time if I was told they were not included.

  9. I looked online and Gilette is owned by Proctor & Gamble who also owns Olay so to me it would seem that they should honor the Olay razors as part of this rebate.

  10. This is why I wish they would list the qualifying products on the rebate. If anyone else decides to call to double check the response I got- please ask for a supervisor and tell me the answer you get. Thanks guys!

  11. Kerry…another big couponing site has posted that ANY product that contains Olay including razors and makeup will work. There are sure going to be a lot of upset people not getting their rebates if that isn’t true.

  12. @Sue- yes it would- but I did ask for a supervisor- you may want to too- but my gut tells me the same thing- I can see why it would not qualify

  13. Wouldn’t it be nice if they gave the same answer
    I heard her flipping through pages, well I’ll try it

  14. @SUe & all who are curious- I was told that the Razors are a Gillette product and therefore would not qualify for the Olay rebate

  15. Hey Zack- will you shoot me an email & let me know what you find out please? My gut tells me no but I would love to be wrong! TY!

  16. @Annie- as long as the original prices you circle on your receipt add up to $30 you are fine. The rebate mentions nothing about being void if you use coupons or get a gift card. hth

  17. The total cost after applying the coupon goes down below $30, will this qualify for Olay rebates?

  18. @Sarah you can call Olay but I doubt very highly they are included since it is Venus & Olay. you never know though I could be wrong

  19. Holding my breath to see if the Olay rebate includes the Venus with Olay razors! Calling the phone # on the rebate first thing tomorrow morning!

  20. Do you think you could buy 4 of the Venus Olay Razors with the gift card deal and get the rebate?

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