New .75/1 Philly Indulgence Coupon = as low as $1.04

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There is a new .75/1 Philly Indulgence Spread manufacturer’s coupon that can be found at zip 78245 Just a heads up  that although the coupon does not print with a logo on it it does say “Redeemeable at Walmart”. Some of you have stores that are super picky, but I know others will allow a coupon as long as it doesn’t say redeem ONLY at and this is a regular manufacturer’s coupon.

The nice thing about it is it does not specify a size, so it can be used on the package with 4 single serving cups that sells for $1.79 at Target, so just $1.04 after coupon. Or the 8 oz tubs are $2.49, so $1.74 after coupon.

-Thanks for the heads up on the coupon to Karen!

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  1. don’t forget there was also $1/1 in the kraft coupon book that you had to buy that is good through 8/31 i believe (i just used mine so cant double check the date).

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