Room Essentials Desk Lamps as Low as $2.99

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We got a very nice $3/1 Room Essentials™ Lighting Item Target Coupon x8/11 yesterday. Kelley looked around the Back to College section for me today and found some cute little lamps (shown at left) in two different styles- either for the desktop or to clip on for only $5.99, so just $2.99 after coupon.They have a metal base and a shade that is made of some kind of plastic.

If you want to go a little more heavy duty- there was also a large assortment of flexible  all-metal desk lamps in all sorts of patterns and colors for $9.99, so these would be just $6.99 after coupon.

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  1. I found the goose-neck lamps in your right side picture on clearance for 4.98-3 coupon= $1.98 for a cute lamp! I picked a couple up for my kiddos & myself!

  2. Sorry, that should say “could NOT find the non-clip one shown above.” Also, just to note that the SKU numbers matched, so someone has misprinted the shelf tag.

  3. So happy I saw this post. I went into Target today to find the $5.99 lamps, thinking $2.99OOP is not bad for a desk lamp. To my surprise, I ended up walking out with a $9.99 lamp for FREE! I could find the non-clip one shown above and just happened to look on an end cap. They had a bunch of metal ones that were $9.99, but there was a tag that said “white” $2.98. I thought, no way! I asked the Target to verify the price and explained the sign said $2.98 to which he responded that they would give it to me for that price. I used the $3.00 off coupon (which automatically adjusted to $2.98) and got it FREE! WOOHOO!!!!

  4. Glad I saw this, my homeschooler needs a new desk lamp for next year, his has a short and winter is way too dark here to be without a good lamp.

  5. Hopefully a great sale comes soon with the $3 RE Shelving coupon. It doesn’t specify what kind of shelving even though it has little decor shelves on the picture but I want to use it on a wire 3 shelf little tower thing 🙂

  6. Was TOTALLY just wondering the same thing, missing those Nathan’s hotdogs on price cut for a buck fifty

  7. Thanks so much for this match up. My son would be thrilled to get rid of his “nursery” lamp that sits by his bed and get something a little more grown up. He’s 10…LOL!

  8. Does target give out rainchecks on items that are on Temporary Price cut? They were out of the $.50 tazo tea bottles. Guest services wouldn’t let me get a raincheck. I’ve been to 2 other Targets and they were sold out 🙁

  9. Thats what I was hoping for! Got a college bound sleeping in bunk beds. Thought a little clip on might be just the ticket!

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