New Printable Target Coupons for Glade & More

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There are just a few new printable Target Store Coupons this morning up on plus our GE coupon has reset. Here’s what I see new, along with any matchups I could find …

If you’ve ever wondered how you can tell the Target Coupons from Manufacturer’s coupons before you print you can check out my post HERE. And for a matchup of all current Target Coupons available right now- you can always view my Target Coupon Page.

$2/1 GE lightbulb Item (Energy Smart, Reveal, Halogen, LED) Target Coupon x8/18 
$20/1 Eddie Bauer Clearbrook baby travel system Target Coupon x8/18
$10/1 Eddie Bauer Clearbrook baby play yard Target Coupon x8/18
$10/1 Eddie Bauer Clearbrook wood highchair Target Coupon x8/18

B1G1 FREE Glade PlugIns Oil Refill 2-pk. Target Coupon x8/4
-B1G1 FREE Glade PlugIns Refill 2 pk 7-15-12 SS x8/25
$1.00 off Glade PlugIns Oil refills

$5/1 Room Essentials 3 or 5-Shelf Book Case Target Coupon x7/21
$10/1 Emerson dry-erase fridge 2.7-cu.-ft. Target Coupon x7/21
$5/1 Dirt Devil Easy Lite Cyclone Quick Vac Target Coupon x7/21
$5/1 Room Essentials™ bungee chair Target Coupon x7/21

B1G1 FREE TRIDENT LAYERS Single Pack Gum Manufacturer’s Coupon on
$1.50/1 Huggies® Little Swimmers® Disposable Swimpants Manufacturer’s Coupon on

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  1. How would you use the B1G1 Glade refill Target q and B1G1 Glade refill manu q together at Target?

    Also, @Karen, I had this problem the other day. I always print Target q’s, and have always just handed them to the cashier and they have always took them with no problem. I have 2 computers so I usually print 4, and get 4 of everything, and give the cashier 4 each of my coupons and they put them through….I have never read the fine print of the Target q’s before so I had NO idea that it said “one per guest” until the other day when the cashier brought it to my attention. I had my sister with me, so did 2 separate transactions, but I paid for both of them, with the same credit card….so, as far as your son goes, I have never seen an age limit on what is considered a “guest”, and it does not say “paying guest”, so yes, I would have asked for a manager as well.

  2. Jen L. is correct.

    Your kid still counts as a customer. Either talk to manager or leave a complaint with customer service.

  3. Cherry- no you can’t stack 2 BOGO and get 2 free- my store will let me buy 3 though and use both coupons and only pay for 1 when it is that situation

    IG- the virgin coupon isnt new- I remember it with the back to college coupons kerry posted last week

    karen- your son is still a guest- the coupon doesn’t say paying guest and i would have asked to see a mgr. but yes if i am alone my store only lets me use one target coupon 🙁

  4. @Karen Just a thought, but maybe try splitting your items into 2 transactions if you can. That worked once for me when I had two coupons with that wording and was unsure about using them.

  5. I have a question about Target store coupons – Does “one coupon per guest” really mean that you can only use 1 like coupon per day or is this something my cashier was making up? I would think the coupon would say one per guest per day….Last night I went to Target with my son and had 2 Merona shirts and two $3 off coupons. Since my son was with me I figured he counted as a guest (is that wrong?). The cashier said I can only use 1 coupon and would have to come back tomorrow to use the other. I asked her if my son counted as a guest and she said “no cause he was not a paying customer”. I asked if I could do another transaction and she said “no, that was not allowed.”

    I understand there is problems with shelf clearing, trying to cheat the system, fraud ect but none of which I was trying to do. Why would Target allow you to print 2 coupons if you can only use 1? We live in the country 30 minutes from the city…. my husband can’t always go shopping with me just to use another Target store coupon for a second item.

  6. can you stack buy 1 get 1 free target coupon and buy 1 get 1 free manufacturer’s coupon to get both items for free at target? thanks!

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