Watch for Clearance Sobe Orange Tangerine Flavor

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I got an email from Andria  this morning about finding Sobe Orange Tangerine flavor bottles at her store on clearance for .51 cents!  They simply just rang up that way and were not marked. So be on the lookout for this flavor- it will likely be a long shot for most of you- since I have been told it has been being clearanced for awhile now- but I feel the need to post it anyway since it certainly can’t hurt to look in your stores and will make for an awesome deal even if you just find a couple!

I am not sure where Andria is from but Kelley found 4 left at a Tampa store this morning so she bought 6 misc flavors and the 4 Orange Tangerine and paid $3.04 after Gift Card or .30 cents each. Even better if you luck out like Andria and find a lot of them in stock! Like I said- it’s a longshot– and you may find none- but I wish y’all luck!

-Thanks for the head up Andria!

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  1. 17 orange in manchester ct. Picked up 3 more to make 20 with hope of getting 2 gift cards…no luck. Cashier said they had to be 10 for $10. Wish i had read comments first.

  2. Does anyone have the Dpci # for the sobe waters on clearance? I figured if I have the item# I can check what stores have them in stock

  3. I found the orange Sobe for. 51! I got 40 of them in 4 transactions, starter off with a gc from a previous deal and kept rolling, paid less than $1 for 40 of them! Plus I stil have a gc!

  4. I wanted to disclose that I did not clear my store’s shelves of product, they had a whole end cap full so I didn’t feel like I was taking all the supplies, leaving none for other shoppers.

  5. Ironically I have not received any of the mailers, probably because we also have 3 Super-Targets in the area??? I know they’re hit and miss but I do miss getting one when I hear they are out and about. Funny story about the new coupon book, the gal passing them out at one of the local stores was also passing out Lean Cuisine bags and I had my 24 year old daughter with me (who lives in a separate household) and she almost would not give one to my daughter! This weekend the same gal was passing out the make up remover samples and she would not give me one even though I do have another daughter that lives at home with me! Never had such a rough time with coupons/samples etc. at the other locations, but she is a tough cookie when giving out those samples…

  6. Hey, Steven got the good coupon! Mine have been $3 off $25 or $30 and $5 off $50. The good thing about the stores that just got fresh produce/more food is that we are getting home mailers with free item coupons like eggs and soda and instore coupon booklets. Last weekend they had a coupon booklet with a $2 off beef coupon in it. I made the DH walk all over the store looking for ones people just set on shelves and found 4 extra! Cheap beef stew! I went Sunday and half the Sobes were GONE!!! Got my 10!

  7. I was able to buy 30 and got back $15 in reward cards…plus I had a $5 off $25 purchase (since my local store just transitioned to one with more groceries)…so I got 30 bottles for $10.07 with tax and my 5% discount.

  8. tried to use BOGO and they won’t accept 4 coupons. i was told i can only use 1 in transaction..

  9. I have BOGO coupons that I found on a tearpad at CVS a while ago, I have been holding on to them looking for a deal. I think this is the time to use them.

  10. Sorry forgot to mention that I am in Chattanooga, TN. We have 2 stores and when I went to the second store this flavor rang up as not being recognized in the system 🙁

  11. I live in the southwest Virginia area and my local Target has a couple flavors that are ringing up $.51, orange being one of them. They, however, would not let me use these toward the gift card promo. They said I had to purchase the ones that were ringing up $1.00…

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