*Expired* Target.com: $100 Target Gift Card $90

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UPDATE: This specal offer is over now folks. 🙁

Here’s yet another great way to take advantage of that offer on Target.com to get $10 Off when you spend $100. Gift Cards are eligible for this promotion! Just head over to Target.com and choose a Gift Card and add $100 as the amount. You will automatically get $10 taken off at checkout- no code needed!

If you are a Target REDcard holder (credit or debit) your shipping will be FREE. Consider getting a gift card that can serve another purpose like the zip up reuseable tote bag for no extra charge. 🙂  You can also choose from 2 really cute WOW cards they have right now- a Bullseye Doghouse 3D Puzzle or a super-cute Hexapillar from the makers of Hexbugs.

Unfortunately you cannot earn 5% back from using your REDcard or get cash back on ShopatHome.com or EBATES for purchasing Target Gift Cards, but if you are doing other shopping- they are offering 5% Cash Back today on Target.com. The $10 Off a $100 purchase offer is valid today only (7/24).

-Thanks for the heads up to Gerard at Clip and Follow!

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  1. I ordered at 7pm CST last night and got the $100 for $90. Card wasn’t delivered to my mobile until 4pm CST today almost 24 hours later. BUT it was for the full $100 and my account was only charged the $90.

  2. Bad news. If your cards haven’t shipped yet (or your emailed code hasn’t arrived yet) you may not be getting them. I tried placing an order an hour and a half before the promotion ended and the $10 discount wasn’t applied, so I called in. They told me that people were abusing the promotion, they were no longer honoring the $10 discount on gift card purchases and would be canceling the orders that had been placed. So, if you got yours, feel lucky. Evidently enough people kept going back to the well for it to raise a flag. Bummer.

  3. I didn’t have luck with this deal last night either. I was trying about 9 pm CST. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one with issues. I was going to use it as a Christmas present. Darn, now I still can’t cross anything off my list…

  4. Promo is over now.

    promotion details.
    Spend $100, Save $10 on select items. Discount applied at checkout. Discount excludes clearance items. May not be applied to previous orders. Offer expires 07/24/2012 at 11:59 PM EST.

  5. I purchased my gift card and the discount was not applied either. I cancelled my order. You have 30 mins from the time you order to cancel it.

  6. I think they’ve pulled the deal. I heard people ordered the e-gift card, then used that to buy another, repeated as many times as they could. I’m thinking that might be why we can’t even order ONE. 🙁

  7. I tried adding something else over $100 to my cart and then the $10 off shows up, but not if it is just for giftcard. Bummed that i missed out. =(

  8. I had the same problem….3 x $100 GCs, did not take off 30.00. Called Target, referenced the cart number, and they manually applied the discount, plus said they would alert IT to fix.

  9. I’ts not working for me eihter. It shows the $10 off $100 promotion, but the final total at checkout is still $100. I think they must have changed it so you can’t get giftcards.

  10. I can’t get this to work. It shows that it’s eligible for the promotion, but it never shows up at checkout. I’ve gone all the way through to the last step and the $10 off never shows up. Any idea why or what I’m doing wrong?

  11. You can use a e-giftcard to buy a mobile gc. I made that mistake and I just reorder one that way. Worked fine and I made another $10

  12. Oh, my reusable bags are SHOT! I don’t think I own one without a hole. I think it’s time to buy my daughter’s bday present and I think I’ll be ordering a bunch of $5 cards to get my total up to $100…and replenish by bag supply 🙂

  13. @SK- yes you will have to pay shipping which I believe is $1.95 on Gift Cards

    And for those wondering egift cards can only be redeemed online

  14. If we do not have the redcard do we have to pay shipping for the giftcards, ie if I dont get the ecards? TIA

  15. I had a few hundred dollars worth of Target gift cards from recent baby showers. I used those to buy 4 $100 gift cards and made $32.50 (counting shipping costs) without spending anything out of pocket! Score! Thank you!

  16. @Kim – there is a way to turn an e-giftcard to a gift card that can be scanned from your phone (going through the mobile “my gift cards” section on the site and saving the e-giftcard to the account)

  17. Kim, I wish I’d read the fine print….I just bought the gift card and had it emailed to myself with only the intention of using it in person, in store, because I do my grocery shopping at Target but if I am understanding the fine print as stated, I might have just made a boo boo for myself.

  18. But the e-giftcards can only be used online, right?

    It’s only mobile and snail mailed cards that can be used in store? I tried to follow the fine print on it just to make sure, here it is:

    Target GiftCards and Target Mobile Gift Cards can be redeemed for merchandise or services (excluding American Express® and Visa® gift cards and prepaid cards) at Target stores in the U.S. or Target.com. Target eGiftCards can be redeemed for merchandise at Target.com only.

  19. i did an e-gift card and got free shipping that way since i don’t have a target card.

  20. If you don’t have a REDCard, or do not wish to use your REDCard, you can choose a gift card that can be emailed and there will be no shipping charge. I have a REDCard, but I also have a credit card with a rewards program, and I will earn rewards points for my purchase (my rewards program does not distinguish between gift card purchases and non-gift card purchases when issuing rewards points).

  21. @Erin- yes I think it is a great way to combine reaching the $100 goal with the ink deal actually! you should just have to reach that $100- so whatever you are short- put on the GC. 🙂

  22. Does it have to be $100 gift card or do u think you could combine the ink deal with a small gift card amount as long as you reach the $100?

  23. Sent it to my mobile phone to save on the shipping (not a redcard member, but should be a stockholder at this rate!)

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