Update on the End of July Target Toy Clearance

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So I had a chance to sneak away to Target this afternoon for a bit and my main goal was to see what the devil was up with the Toy clearance. Historically the big drop has been the last week of July which we are already in, so I had some concerns when I went on Sunday and still saw all the clearanced toys sitting in the regular aisles.

But I was happy today when I FINALLY saw that they were starting to prep. As you can see from my picture- my store had emptied out a whole aisle towards the end of toys with clearance signs in place and were JUST starting the process of collecting all the clearance toys from the regular aisles to fill it up with.

Many of us will hopefully see the big markdown of a large number of toys going 70% Off this week in just a day or two, but there is no guarantee and I feel like my store is getting a late start and has way too many 30% & 15% Off signs set up in these aisles for it to happen this week. But maybe that’s all it is – a late start and it will still happen. Only time will tell.

Typically – many stores markdown toy clearance on Thursdays, however this is not set in stone- and some stores may do it on Wednesdays, some may do it on Fridays, and some stores will lag even longer in marking things down. I am certainly going to do my best to be there on Thursday (when my store usually marks toys down) to see anyway! And you can bet I won’t be believing any of the signs and will be making several trips to the scanner just in case! 🙂 Let me know what you are seeing at your stores this week and whether or not your toys have moved into one clearance area yet.

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  1. Great deals at the Target in Superior,CO. I got a batman magna doddle type thing for 5 dollars. Chuggington train set for 5.98. Thomas the train set for $11. Ton’s of deals! Good luck. 🙂

  2. Nashua, NH Target on DW Hwy marked down this morning too. They had one aisle, one side with clearance toys but then still had a lot of the clearance mixed in with the regular priced toys.

  3. I just got back from Target. I made a huge hall of 70% off toys. There was 2 packed aisles of toys marked down at my store and lots of marked down cart on the ends of the aisles. Associates were very helpful in checking prices for me. Good luck to everyone

  4. Went to 2 stores today (Thursday). One was in the process of marking down to 70% off. The other wasn’t. Got lots of Littlest Pet shop @ 70% off. A few puzzles, a few games.

    The clearance were scattered throughout the aisles. It wasn’t all together at all.

  5. @Sheri
    I got 4 Lego sets today at 70% I was pretty stoked considering “real” lego has never gone to 70 for me before!

  6. I am in Ballwin, MO (St. Louis area) and things were 70%! They were not all together, but just in their normal spots on the shelves, but most had the 70% price already marked on it. I got a $70 Fisher Price kids camera for $21, My Little Pony dress-up dresses, Dora dress up shoes, Dora accessory kits, musical recorder instruments, Princess nail polish, etc. Can you tell I mostly buy for girls??? 🙂

  7. Today was the day at my Target in St Augustine too. Same as the comment above…everything was on the regular aisles and marked down already when I got there. Good stuff left, Mario toys, Transformers, Legos, Thundercats.

  8. i went today and allot of things were marked down 70% but they were still in their isles. Outside stuff moved to 50% from 30% People were lined up at the door at opening.

  9. I went at 8:00 a.m. today in Minneapolis and the toys were 70% off and scattered throughout the aisle in addition to one aisle having discounted toys. Got a ton of stuff, including: trio joker set, toy story toys, fisher price baby toys, Dora toys (hair set, backpack set, tea party set), transformers play doh set, transformers mask and a lot more. Thanks so much for the heads up to totally target.com for giving me the heads up about the timing of this sale–I would not have gone today if I didn’t check this website first.

  10. Today was definitely the day in Harrisburg, PA! They actually had stuff marked down already when the store opened, and I had the toy department to myself (with my boys) for the hour I was there. Lots to find, mostly mixed in the regular aisles.

  11. Target is St Augustine, Fl has all toys still scattered in aisles and endcaps. 30-50% off as of yesterday. Going back today to check again.

  12. I’m headed out this morning after I drop my son off at camp for 9 am so I hope there are toys left. Usually there is a few of us that know its should be happening. Usually they do it as soon as they open but I remember in January I went and they weren’t marking down so I shopped a bit. I decided before checking out to check again and the employees had just arrived to start scanning and marking down to 70%

  13. For the last 6 years in a row the July Clearance has always been the last Thursday in July. Didn’t get a thing last year though and after looking today, probably won’t this year. Maybe if I can get that 3 pack of hex bugs for $10 but that’s it, really.

  14. I went this morning and got a Fisher Price iXL for $14.98! I also got a couple pair of boys Wrangler carpenter jeans for $4.48 (70% off).

  15. Mazi, I worked there for 4 years, they have to be scanned into the gun before they ring up at that price. It isn’t like a sale, where it goes 70% at 12midnight. I am shocked that they would actually tell you that information, we were never allowed to tell guest when it would go, so you got lucky. The nice thing is that price change starts at 6am, so by the time the store opens, they have pretty much hit a lot of the toys. Also, some workers are nice enough to scan the item for you if it isn’t marked yet. I know the women on our PC team did that.

  16. Was in my Target today and several things were marked down 70% but the shelves were suspiciously barren after being pretty full for the past 3 weeks. I suspect that certain items have been pulled off the shelf for the “big” markdown. I did pick up a purple sock monkey for my baby girl for $4 and a recorder for my son for $3. I’m going through a big sort at home so we certainly don’t need a thing to impede progress. Right?

  17. questions for you guys….I called Target and they said that tomw it will drop to 70%, does this automatically happen or do they have to scan the toys one by one? I was planning on going early when the store opens (before work) but wasn’t sure if the toys would be marked down yet? What do you think…does anyone know? Thanks

  18. I went this morning. The clearance is staying in the aisles. I spoek wiih a manager and they said that they are trying tio keep the like items in the same aisles. They were pulling the toys and doing a reset with the new merchandise and the clearance merchandise right next to it?? Weird. Then she said if they dont have anymore room then it will go on a specific aisle and the end caps. More work for the employees 🙁 But tomorrow is the day! Get ready!

  19. I saw some 30% some 50% and a few 70% today. I thought the boys toys were weird and not that great. There was more boys stuff than girls that I could tell. HMMM They were moving it to the end caps today. Good luck everyone

  20. Alot of Trio, Cars brand mini r/c cars, Bakugan, Paper Jamz, all 70% off at my store, everything still hanging at 50% besides that! I did snag the Trio batcave at 70% and was excited about that one…

  21. I haven’t been so far this week, but when I was there on Saturday it looked like the same old stuff was on clearance at the same prices (Disney Princess Tiana house, Brave tiara, etc.). I’m sure I’ll be there on Friday so hopefully it will be updated by then!!

  22. I am surprised that there is no talk of the LeapFrog steals you can get right now. I used the $5 LeapFrog coupon from target.com to get a Tag Solar System Adventure Pack for $1.98 (normally, $13.99). Woohoo!

  23. I went this morning, they still haven’t cleared an aisle. Stuff is still at 30 and 50% off. I don’t remember waiting this long for July or for water toys to not even to be marked. I been price scanning stuff so much lately. There were four other women that were in the toy looking today to. I am going back tomorrow to check again.

  24. I went this morning to see what was going. I got excited when I arrived and there 6 or 7 Target workers in the toy section. But, sadly, they were stocking NEW toys. There were a few new things at 70% but that was all that was going on with clearance. Also, there are a few endcaps with clearance toys but right now everything most of the clearance is still in the regular aisles. I am going to try again tomorrow, but things seem very different compared to the last few times.

  25. I’ve been looking for weeks for the only 2 items my youngest dd wants-Monster High and Harry Potter Legos. I found 1 HP Lego which was only 15% off but got it for free with giftcards earned from Sobe deal. Also found 2 MH outfits 30% off and MH batmobile looking car 50% off which I used Charmin and Bayer giftcards for to get even cheaper!

  26. I have been checkin different targets pretty much daily right after i take my son to summer camp. He goes at 9 and target is right around the corner so im pretty much there by 9:05. Ive also been looking at the clearance racks of clothes. my son just turned 5 so hes getting more into wearing the boys section ( xs 4/6 s 5/6) and ive had some luck getting him some nice shirts for 2.68 but it was only 3 of them. Ive been checking back in that section for back to school clothes, today a lot of the shirts were 4.48 belts 2.38 cherokee pants 3.88 so good prices for some back to school clothes. Im going to be checking back to check out toys again. cant wait!

  27. The store I was at today had started consolidating too – there was one full aisle, mostly 30% off with a few 50% off. I did still see plenty of clearance in the regular aisles too. I am keeping my eye on the My Little Pony toys and dress up stuff too – my daughter’s birthday is in August and that is all she wants – hopefully I can get her a whole bunch of fun stuff for cheap!

  28. To Anna M, mathematically, since most prices end with 9, “8” ending vorresponds to 50 percent and”4″ ending to 75 percent. That is why it doesn’t go down any futher.

  29. I saw mostly 30-50% today except paper jams guitars and amps were 70%. Not interested in those at all, my kids are noisy enough, LOL! Will check my smaller non-supertarget tomorrow.

  30. Come on target we r all ready!!!!!!!! Start with those pricing guns already n mark some toys down for us!!!! 70 sounds good to me 😉

  31. Last Friday, my Target had things 50%. There was a clearance aisle and then also mixed in with the regular prices toys.

  32. My store always does the 70% markdown when the toys are still in the aisles.. They dont get moved until after they have been marked down… It is always a race down all the aisles to find the good stuff! Mine typically has gone down on the last Friday in July.. Here’s hopin!

  33. I got a Trio Joker house at 70% off at my closest Target last week, around $7. They also had a Hot Wheels Trio set for 70% off too. I went to a different Target today and they still had these toys at 50%. I’m planning to try a few Targets on Thursday. Hopefully my potty-training daughter will be agreeable about going on the big toilets at Target. 🙂

  34. I was at my store last night and items were still in with the other toys and most were only at 50% or less. I picked up some blocks my daughter wanted and they were only marked at 30% so I told her she had to wait haha. I walked a little further down the aisle and they had more of the same block set marked at 50% off. So definitely scan and check if you see something you want.

  35. At one of my Target’s they already had several items 70% off, but they were under the 30% off area. I checked the red clearance tags. I got a few things, but really wanting the My Little Pony toys for my twins. I keep checking them every time I go.

  36. I got a whole set of Paper Jams at 70% off… The whole set (4 items) would have been $60! Paid about $17. Also a Hot Wheels 12″ bike for $20, was $67.

  37. I don’t know if this is ok to say but I read on another blog that if the price ends in a “8” then it will be marked down further. If it ends in a 4 it won’t be marked down anymore.

  38. Ugh!!! I have been going every couple days for weeks!! I scan so many things at the scanner by electronics I’m pretty sure they will be calling security on me soon! I always do my christmas shopping in July…I like to be done and wrapped by now but everything in my store is still 30% off. I’m a SAHM on a very tigh budget…without summer toy clearance I wouldn’t be able to give my kids half of what they usually get. Come on Target! We’re all ready!!

  39. The clearance toys at my Target were on the endcaps and on the regular aisles. The signs said 30% off and more. I paid $16.18 for a World of Jungle Junction toy for my grandson which was originally priced at $53.99!!! There were four of these on an endcap and I knew I had better get it today because they won’t last long at such a bargain price. It has lots of ramps and I know my grandson will have a blast playing with it. I paid $15.25 for a real nice keyboard for my granddaughter. This was marked 50% off but they only had one and it records and has many other nice features that I think my grandaughter will enjoy. Most of the toys that I looked at were marked either 30% or 50% off. There were probably other bargains like the Jungle Junction toy I got, but I only looked at toys for my grandchilden who are two and five.

  40. I must admit I have been stalking the toy m!arkdowns!! Most toys are still at 30% at my store as of this morning

  41. I went to my local Target today as well and did not see anything, I have been asking as well and they have no idea when this markdown is going to be, lots of toys in the 30% clearance racks though but nothing else, it is a little disappointing. 🙁 both my kids have a birthday in August and I would love to get some toys for them cheap.

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