Mossimo Capri Stretch Leggings $2 at Target thru 7/28

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A few of you have e-mailed me now about finding a great deal on Mossimo Capri Stretch Leggings this week at Target. They are on sale down to $5 each (regularly $8) and you can use the $3/1 Mossimo® Women’s Apparel (excl Jewelry, access & shoes) Target Coupon x8/11 to pick them up for $2 each.

Don’t forget you can also use this coupon to pick up Mossimo Tees for $3 or Tanks for $2 at Target thru 7/28. And keep in mind that this coupon does not exclude clearance items- so be sure to check the clearance racks to see if you can find any goodies for a great price after coupon.

Thanks to Melissa, Janie & Thalia for the heads up on the leggings and to Heather for the picture!

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  1. wait — I used CHobani target coupon on sale item – it got to be ONLY clearance… not sure if they are limiting those apparrel coupons only 🙁 🙁 🙁

  2. Mossimo and Merona both beeped on clearance item in PA…(tried two differnet targets).. one cashier took it.. other denied it…

    so it is really YMMV…
    but I think they will start not taking on clearance… but why sale items (one of the post said above!!!).. if they do not want to take on sale and clearance then they should write that on coupon…

    But sure it takes fun out of coupoing in target… I guess i will save money on gas now!!!!

  3. Where I live, as of this week, Targets coupon policy has changed and they are not taking the $3.00 off coupons for clothes on clearance. This started this on Monday however this is not written anywhere in their coupon policy.The machines beep and the cashier says,we no longer accept coupons for clearance items. I even went to customer service to do a missed coupon and they said, they can no longer override coupons if the register doesn’t take them. Another thing I noticed is some coupons say, can not be used on accessories but others don’t and they would work on purses etc…no more. Target coupons seem to only work on full price merchandise – no sales or clearance.Also,this week the receipts are printing out differently when you use a coupon under each item it says coupon used and reduces the price by the coupon amount. None of this is written in their coupon policy but it is happening. I was so sad that they are doing this -it takes the fun out of target. Where I live Target has made many changes recently,clearance is now 70% off instead of 75%, slower and slower clearance mark downs (clearance used to get marked down every 2-3 weeks now 5-7 weeks), less selection and many changes written and unwritten to their coupon policy : (

  4. The cashier told me that there is a difference between Mossimo, and Mossimo Supply Co brands, and that I could not use the $3 coupon (sinc it beeped) for Mossimo Supply Co clothing…..ugh..anyone else have this problem???

  5. in arkansas the tees are priced down to 5 dollars instead of 6 – extra savings! 🙂

  6. My coupons didn’t originally go through when purchasing the camis, but both cashiers put the coupons through without comment. I also used coupons on clearance apparel this week without issue. Guess I have gotten lucky!

  7. I used mine on some Mossimo tank tops that were on clearance for $4, so I paid $1 each, and I didnt have a problem.

  8. I went to Target today and used an xhiliration Target coupon on a clearance item and it went right on through.

  9. i live in leggings. definitely worth a trip to see. Hope I get a cooperative cashier.

  10. I tried using this coupon yesterday on the Mossimo cami and it beeped, the cashier told me I couldn’t use them because the coupon didn’t go through! She gave me a really hard time so I just took the coupons back and left the camis.

  11. Michelle…i only use the coupons on clearance items. Out usually doesn’t go through but the cashier usually overwrites it. Depends on the cashier i guess.

  12. Has anyone else had a problem with using any of the clothing coupons from Target on clearance items? I had a mgr tell me that it was corporate policy not to let them be used on clearance. I checked the coupon and the policy online and could not find that written anywhere. I even contacted corporate and have not gotten a response from them. Just wonderin’.

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