FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 3 Head & Shoulders = 75% Off

Here’s a nice unadvertised Gift Card Deal I wanted to get up now since there are only a few days left to use the coupon. The Offer is for a FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 3 Select Head & Shoulders thru 8/18 and it is on the large size 23.7 oz Bottles for $6.99. If you are partial to this product- and want to stock up at a good price- there is a B1G1 Insert coupon you can use for a very nice deal…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 6 Bottles of Head & SHoulders ($6.99) = $41.94
-$20.97 (use three B1G1 FREE Head & Shoulders 7-1-12 PG x7/31
= $20.97 – $10 (get back two $5 Gift Cards Back for buying 6
= $10.97 for all 6 or $1.82 each after coupons and gift cards or like saving close to 75% Off

Some of you may also still have your $1/2 Head & Shoulders, Herbal Essences, Pantene or Aussie ETS Target Coupon from the Summer Beauty Bag x8/31 to get another $1 Off your total too. Unadvertised deals can be regional and unavailable at all stores- but I hope you find it too if you have interest!

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  1. Aww this is AWESOME and what a stock-up for the year! Yay TotallyTarget, you totally ROCK!

  2. the b1g1 coupon they will give you $9.49 value. ( (9.49/3=$28.47) – (6.99/3=20.97)= $7.50) So you would need to spend $7.50 more and you get the bonus $10.00 so you end up making $$ =)

  3. @Christine- thie P&G for AUgust that came out today is a $1/1
    My deal above references the B1G1 from the July P&G (came out on 7/1) the coupons are still vlaid thru 7/31 hth

  4. Can I only buy 3, use the BOGO and still get the gift card? Or does the gift card not count b/c I got one free?

  5. @Kerri- you will still get the gift card – as soon as the 3rd onne goes over the scannr it will prompt the cashier to stop and give you a GC. hth

  6. Will the gift card still trigger if you price match to CVS $4.99 sale? How would that effect target and manufacturer coupon use?

  7. I used the B1G1 coupon last week on the small size of shampoo which was marked at $4.99 each. At checkout when the coupon scanned it took off $8.98!! Cashier said she had used that coupon herself and it had done the same thing! Love those kind of surprises!!

  8. I used all my BOGO coupons 2 weeks ago at CVS where I got $9.49 value for each coupon-free shampoo!

  9. I just went and did this deal in two different transactions. I bought the 6 like she has listed here, it took off the $9.49 each for the free coupons. I also used 1 $1/2 Head and Shoulders coupon that came in the beauty bags.

    Here is what my transaction looked like:
    6 Head and Shoulders $6.99=$41.94
    3 B1G1 @ -$9.49 ea=$13.47
    1 Target Head and Shoulders beauty bag mailer coupon -$1=$12.47 and I got 2 $5 gift cards. So after I paid the $12.47+tax and got my two $5 gift cards, I only paid $2.47 for 6 bottles of H & S for my husband! So I did this transaction again since my husband has a really sensitive scalp. Great deal! Only through tomorrow though since the B1G1 free coupon expires tomorrow. Good luck everyone!

  10. I like your post about the price match, I was wondering though if you do a price match and those items are connected to a free item if you still get the item free. I price matched Walgreens price on Starbucks coffee for 6.49 a few weeks ago, (which the Customer Service rep told me they don’t price match walgreens because they have a loyalty card??), at the time target had a special where if you bought two coffee bags then you would get a 4-pack frapuccino for free. I told her Walgreens didn’t have a loyalty card and she said she would price match it this one time, but that I would not get the frapuccino for free because I was price matching. I went home a wrote customer service an email and all they responded with was a link to their price match policy. So for next time I just wanted to know if I should have fought for that or not. Thanks for all your hardwork. When people at target ask me how much time it takes me to put all the deals together I say it doesn’t take that much time because I go to Totally Target and you put it all together for me. I tell everyone about your site because it is so awesome!!!

  11. Hey Lindsay- unfortunately PMing is a very gray area. imo the free promotion should have been honored- but because the ploicy is open to so much interpretation and certain circumstances like that are not addressed- it is a ymmv. I would have tried to argue the point too but in the end it is the store’s decision. TYSM for all your compliments- I appreicate it!

  12. Tonight at Target I bought three Head & Shoulders shampoo bottles. I used the BOGO coupon and the register took off $9.49.

  13. I did this deal at my Target and they gave me hell over it. I felt so bad for the other customers in line 🙁 They told me I needed to buy 9 in order for me to use the 3 B1G1 free coupons. Then they also said it was one coupon per person. Idk they just confused me for a good 15 mins, but I still walked away with my shampoos and GCs after using this coupons and a $3 off $20 beauty Target coupon 🙂

  14. I love this deal. I cannot believe the coupon scanned for $9.49! Thank you so much Kerry for all your hard work. I’m obsessed with your site that I check every 30 minutes.

  15. Yay!…this was my store. Thank you SO much for the work you do!! My retail value today was 83.69, I paid 43.72 (including tax) after coupons AND then got back $25 in gift cards…which brings the total down to $18.72!! Good shopping day at Target thanks to you!!!

    Here is what I got:
    (5) boxes of Kellogg’s cereal (2 frosted wheats and 3 fruit loops)
    (2) Olay BW’s (23.6 oz)
    (2) secret deodorants
    (1) purell
    (1) Aveeno BW (16 oz)
    (1) Aveeno face wash
    (1) Aveeno lotion (2.5 oz)
    (4) suave kid’s BW
    (3) Head & Shoulders for men (23.7oz)
    (1) pkg of pampers baby wipes

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

  16. I used my head & shoulders BOGO Q on the smaller bottles, as I only had one coupon. It too took off $9.49 AND my store had the itchy scalp for a cheaper price of 3.18 or 3.81 wish I would have had more coupons.

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