Upcoming Back to School Deals at Target: B1G1 RoseArt & FREE Scotch Magic Tape Starting 8/5

If you have not printed this Target coupon yet for .50/1 Scotch Magic Tape Item Target Coupon x9/3 you may want to do it now. It can be found in the Back to School category on Target.com. Starting on 8/5, Target will have the Scotch Magic Tape on sale for .49 cents so FREE after coupon! 🙂

Also- if you have not used your RoseArt Coupons yet- starting 8/5 there will be a Special Offer for a FREE RoseArt 24 ct Crayons wyb a RoseArt 10 ct Markers or 12 ct Colored Pencils for .49 cents as well. So even though you can pick up FREE stuff now with this coupon- you will get a little more for your coupons if you wait for this deal…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 1 RoseArt Markers or Pencils (.49) 2 Glue Sticks (.25) & 1 Crayons (.25) = $1.24
– .25 (The RoseArt Crayons will be FREE with Target Deal
-$1/3 RoseArt Products 7-29-12 RP#1 x10/7
= four items FREE after coupon and deal

If your store allows a coupon to be used on items made FREE by a SALE you can get 2 of the Markers or Pencils instead of glue sticks and 2 Crayons for FREE…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 RoseArt Markers or Pencils (.49 ea) & 2 Crayons (.25) = $1.48
– .50 (both RoseArt Crayons will be FREE with Target Deal
-$1/3 RoseArt Products 7-29-12 RP#1 x10/7
= four items FREE after coupon and deal

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  1. Does Target allow 4 like coupons (i.e. RoseArt coupons) in one transaction? I’d love to stock up for my class.

  2. Can anyone confirm the policy that we can bring back our reciept since Target will match if the deal is better in a week?

  3. If you already used your rose art coupons- cause I did a few days ago – I think you can bring your receipt in next week and hopefully crayons for free for how ever many markers and pencils you got. Cause there policy says if you find a better deal within the week of a purchase they will match it.

  4. I used my coupons last night too (school supplies)!! Wow, did I get some great buys, especially on woman’s Mossimo & Merona tops priced at 4.48 and 5.48 less $3.00 coups!! How can you resist a great top for $1.48?? my nieces will be thrilled!

    I love my thursday night trips to target!!

  5. I went to target on Tuesday night and the crayons and 2pk glue sticks were .25 each I used the coupon and got 4 for free, the coupon in the fine print says 3 or more! I still have 5 more coupons so I will be heading back so I can stock up and donate to my daughters pre school!

  6. @Picasan- yes you can – there’s a lot of different ways yu can mix up this deal- I was just providing examples. 🙂

  7. I hope my target sell crayon for .25. I have question.
    Can I do this ? Buy 1 colored pencil and 2 crayon then get 1 free crayon? Use $1/3 Q
    I just not a glue person : ) thank you

  8. ah. im torn, do i use the coupon during the tax free weekend here in iowa aug 3 and 4th, or do i wait til sunday to get double the product for free? decisions decisions, but i dont think its a hard one. looks like we’ll probably be waiting til sunday, assuming its not all picked over since it IS tax free weekend.

  9. Does Target allow overage? Scotch Tape free with Target coupon but there is suppose to be 25 cents off coupon in 8/5 SS. Can we use both? Each Target coupon says one coupon per guest so do you do 2 separate transactions when you can print 2?

  10. Target website let me print 2 of each coupon today. I print then close browser and start all over.

  11. For those of you who didn’t get them in your Red Plum or just used yours and want more, you can get some on Ebay. You can even get some with free shipping from some sellers. That’s what I did today!

  12. Thanks for letting us know about this and the annie’s ASAP. I know the ad takes a lot to do and the super extra early previews are awesome!

  13. Thanks for another great deal on school supplies, I will wait till Sunday to use my coupons.It pays to check totally target , I will save money on things my kids will use in the coming school year.

  14. Target.com is only allowing me to print the coupons one time. I used to allow me to print twice- did I miss something?

  15. @ Amy. I used mine today too. Probably while Kerry was writing this. Still a pretty good deal. I even used the Scitch tape one. Oh well.

  16. Man! I just used my Roseart Q today! I had two so I got 3 glues, 1 2-pk glue stick, and 1 each crayons and colored pencils. Bummer! Would have loved a few “extras” but the items were all free essentially anyway, so I’m grateful. 🙂

  17. thank you for the heads up. I will save my rose art coupons for this week coming up thanks soo much for everything you do i can’t thank u enough 🙂

  18. Any idea where I can find the rose art coupons? didn’t have them in my red plum… what zip code can I find them online?

  19. I tried to use the Rose Art coupon today, and the crayons are not .25 at mine like I thought they would be. Needless to say, I didn’t walk out of there with them.

  20. fyi: Trident layers gum is on clearance for 88cents. You can use the Q for B1G1Free that is on the Target coupon under groceries. I can send a picture of you want
    Springfield, VA Target Store

  21. Thank you so much Kerry for this!. i was thinking of going to use the coupons today but good thing i checked your page and saw this deal, ill wait till sunday! THANK YOU!

  22. Can someone please post a link to the back to school coupons?? I found them once but have never been able to find again 🙁
    Thank you!!

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