Even More High-Value Glade Expressions Coupons

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UPDATE: seem to be gone now folks. It will let you go through the motions but says the program has ended when you get to the end. 🙁

But keep in mind you can stil grab coupons at the following links if you haven’t yet:
$3/1 Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist Starter
$5/1 Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser Starter

These high value Glade Expressions coupons just keep coming! There is yet another pair of them that you can find on the Right at Home site HERE. If you can manage to find any stock left at Target – you can do this for more FREE & Cheap Glade Expressions 🙂

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  1. Shelves wiped out in southside jax area… however all of the refills were stocked up. Been like this for a few days now. Went to multiple stores nearby and found the same thing. Sometimes I wonder if they just take these off the shelves b/c of the high value coupons 🙁

  2. according to their policy a coupon may be adjusted down if it exceeds the value. so according to their policy-no that was not corect. always good to print the Q policy and have a copy with you

  3. I went to target today and found 3 of the sprays. Went to check out and the cashier scanned my coupons and then said hold on. She went and got a manager and the manager said I couldn’t use the coupon because it was more than the product. That’s not correct right? Thanks

  4. My Target was wiped out! There were 2 diffusers left and I got one but I’ve been wanting to try the mists. Hopefully they restock them 🙂

  5. I hate it that the website still has the coupons showing that it is up for grabs when really it is out of prints 🙁

  6. It says the coupon program ended!!! 🙁 Are they all out of prints?? (the question was to Kerry) Thanks!

  7. My Target was cleaned out….I’m going to try another one tomorrow. I’m not super stressed because this is a regular price, not sale so I can get it until the coupon expires 🙂

  8. The frangrance mists are great! The smell lasts forever. Haven’t tried my diffusers yet.

  9. @ JoAnn – The spray refills are $1.99

    I went to Walmart and found 2 of the cotton fragrance expressions in the very back of the clearance section – 2 @ $2 ea – 2 $3 coupons = $2 MM 🙂 Other then those 2, Shelves were empty. Went to Target and the shelves were empty, I asked an associate if they had more in the back. She scanned the tag and came up with nothing but it did say (according to her scanner) a shipment of the cotton fragrance had an estimated arrival of the 10th. There were 2 diffusers left so I bought those…. the smell already seems to be fading after 1 day, not to impressed with them

  10. The printable rebate says you still need to send in the original rebate hangtag. : (

  11. Thanks, I just printed my coupons and I’m going to Target today!!! Hope They’re in stock.

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