Quick Giveaway: 5 Readers Win Mystery Envelopes

UPDATE: Over now folks, will announce the winners in the a.m.!

Here’s a chance at one of the most popular giveaways here on TotallyTarget – a mystery envelope. 🙂 The big mystery is just exactly what coupons are inside – but it will be a very nice mix of Target Store Coupons & Manufacturer’s coupons.

This week’s envies will have a lot of Target coupons- plus I do try to keep the majority of the manufacturer’s coupons inside non-mainstream coupons, or very regional insert coupons which makes them a nice surprise for the winners to open. Several generous readers across the country help sweeten them up by sending in great coupons from their areas too.

There will be a total of FIVE winners for this giveaway and each winner will receive their very own mystery envelope delivered right to their mailbox! To enter this giveaway, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post. Facebook and email entries will not count, so be sure to leave a comment on this post. One entry per person please. I will pick 5 winners at random when it ends. This giveaway will go until sometime late tonight – not sure when – but as long as the comments are open you can enter! Good Luck Everyone! 🙂

A big Thanks to Cathy M, Julie S, Danielle K, and to Heather C. Your generosity & willingness to share is truly appreciated!

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  1. I still have yet to win a giveaway but I am hopeful that this is my lucky chance! Thanks so much for offering these

  2. So excited I actually caught it this time! I always got the email about the winners but never made it.

  3. Really appreciate your site with all of your great tips. This is an awesome bonus. Thanks for these opportunities.

  4. Saving money is huge right now for my family
    I am out due to surgery total knee! Its from all the shopping! Not really. Any penny I can pinch is worth it. Thanks

  5. Would love some new Target coupons. Any reason to go into Target is a good one, but its so much better with Target coupons too!

  6. Love totally target.my reason to visit target is just coupons and then end up buying so many things.just collected few coupons and hoping to get many more.thanks for the giveaway.will be happy to get one.

  7. My granddaughter does a lot of couponing for me so this would be a great way to pay her! Thanks for the chance!

  8. I have been using this site for a month now…..fantastic. You have helped me save so much money, and add to my stockpile that i use to help ease mine and my siblings financial burdens. Again, thank you for all the help. Brian.

  9. Wow! This is fantastic! I would love to win a mystery envelope! As a kid, I think I won a couple of cakes from a carnival cake walk,…and that’s about it! Lol. I’ve referred all of my money-saving friends to your posts, and we all love to read them. Then we have weekly pow wows to discuss our strategies for the upcoming week! I’m sure they will comment on this post too! Thanks for all of your hard work. It doesn’t go by unnoticed!

  10. I’d love to receive some Target coupons. Unfortunately, we never receive any in our papers. Thanks for the chance.

  11. How exciting, a mistery envelope!! Thanks Totallytarget for the great giveaways, I am always looking forward to Thursday and Sunday!!!

  12. Pick me! I’d love to win (and so would everybody else, too!) Pick whoever you want, of course, but thanks just the same for the opportunity!!

  13. Oh.Man. I am dying to win one of these sometime. Will keep trying until I do! 😉 Thanks very much, Kerry

  14. barely shopped at target before I found your site. Learned from you that target has their own coupons. love it. thanks for all the deals and time. and, of course, the great giveaway.

  15. That’s awesome. Recent grad here – hope I win something to help me get me even more excited about couponing (than I already am!!)

  16. I love this idea for a giveaway-how fun! 🙂 Everyone needs a little mystery in their life! Count me in, I’d love to win! 🙂

  17. I would love to win one of these gifts!!! If I win coupons then I win all around because coupons means saving money!!!! that’s a win-win deal!

  18. You do so much for all of us and I always l try to enter, but most of the time I forget. Thanks 🙂

  19. Love the mystery. Would love to have some target q’s. Don’t get them in the paper or mail where we live.

  20. I love your site!! Thank you so much for making my weekly (and sometimes daily) shopping so much fun. It’s not a chore anymore!!