New $1/2 Dr. Pepper 12-Pack Coupon to Stack

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Right now you can grab a new coupon for $1/1 Any Flavor of Dr. Pepper 24 Pack of Cans or (2) 12-Packs at zip 90210. We also still have our $1/1 Dr. Pepper soda 12-pk. Target Coupon to stack with too.

Although the manufacturer’s coupon prints with small lettering that says “Redeemeable at Walmart” it has no logo and it is a regular manufacturer’s coupon. Some of you have stores that are super picky, but I know others will allow a coupon as long as it doesn’t say redeem ONLY at.

If Dr. Pepper is distributed by Pepsi in your area, than it’s likely you will have them included in your sale on Pepsi Products this week. They are $3 each for me, but I hear some of you have it as low as $2.29! Anyway- so your final price will vary, but definitely a nice break on the price after sale and stack!

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  1. @Teresa, if you click on the tab that says “local coupons” it should pull up a page where you enter in the zip code. HTH

  2. I don’t have the older version of and there is no place for me to change the zip code anymore. Is there anyone else that has or had that problem?

  3. The D.P. is $2.75 this week for me. I used the Target coupon for $1 off & $1 off hang tag I found in the store to score the 12 pks. for 75 cents. I luv being a pepper. YEAH!

    Got a pretty good deal on the 2 liters too with coupons.

  4. I can’t find the coupon?? Is there a specific zip code I should be looking under?? The direct link just took me to the site but I didn’t see the Dr. Pepper coupon??

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