Mead Notebooks & More Up to 70% Off at Target

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I have gotten quite a few comments & e-mails now about more and more Back to School items being clearanced up to 70% off. Valerie & Heather both found the Mead Notebooks for 70% Off and marked as such but be sure to scan, scan, scan! For example at Tricia’s store the same Mead Notebooks were marked 30% Off, but upon scanning she found them to be 70% Off and down to .30 cents each. Keep in mind these particular notebooks contain $5 in coupons including an awesome .75/1 ANY Puffs tissue coupon!

I also got an e-mail from Erin who found lots of stuff 70% Off inclluding Cinderella notebooks down to .75 and Cinderella folders for .30, single Scotch Tape rolls for .30 cents and more.

She also reported findingย  just aย  ton of Five Star notebooks marked down to $1.04 and used the $1/2 Five Star Products 8-5-12 RP x9/30 to get them for just .54 after the coupon. So keep your eyes peeled, remember to scan & I hope you find some great stuff to stock upย  on for next year!

-Thanks so much to Valerie, Heather, Tricia, Erin!

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  1. I just left my nearest target. The 5 star spirals were on clearence for .30 . The person in chargerefused to lower the value of my coupons. She stated that the store manager does not anyone getting anything for free. I asked to see their coupon policy. It clearly states that manufactuer coupons can be adjusted. I am going to try another store tomorrow.

  2. @Debbie…which Target in Houston? I haven’t been to any of the ones around me this week to check to see if items are 70% off.

  3. Bought all kinds of stuff for school today, tons of things marked 70% off erasers where marked 75% so it makes for a great deal, backpacks were marked 70% off and also lunchboxes were 70% off. BTW my target also had barbque utensils marked 70% off as well so I grabbed some of those as well.

  4. I have my eyes on a couple cute Backpacks.. Hoping they hit 70% too ๐Ÿ™‚ .. hoping ๐Ÿ™‚ .. Outside of Houston, Tx

  5. I also saw the notebooks (only) at 70% off at my Target in Houston. I hope the rest of the school supplies left go for 70% off…they are still at 30%. Wonder why? I was also able to get a couple of cute lunch boxes in the style my kids will (hopefully) like for 50% off at a different Target over the weekend.

  6. No go for me in SoCal. They were marking things down today and I even asked them to use their gun on the notebook, and still .70 cents ๐Ÿ™

  7. Very excited to do my weekly target run on thursday, hopefully they’ll be something left!! Last week it was only 30% so I didn’t bother. My niece is a new teacher, and she has to buy pretty much all of the supplies herself!!

  8. Finally there are reports of 70% off! I have been patiently scanning and waiting!! I’m hoping the backpacks will drop to 70% off as well. Is there any chance these items will go 90% off? I want to add to my box of items to donate at Christmas and have a big box to donate for the next school year!

  9. They had .09c note books of 70ct and i bought 40 of them im donating it to kids in my country..:-)

  10. Be sure to double check the expiration dates on the coupons in the notebooks. I could have sworn that I saw them yesterday and some of the coupons were already expired (or expiring really, really soon).

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