Last Chance for New Customer $40 Credit at Paper Coterie for Great Freebies- Just Pay Shipping

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If you are new to Paper Coterie and have yet to take advantage of the $40 Credit for new customers– time is running out. Tomorrow, Sunday, September 23rd is the last day this code will be valid, so grab this amazing deal on some beautiful customized products while you still can!

If you are a new customer to Paper Coterie- you are in for a real treat! Right now they are offering a $40 Credit off your first order with the code WELCOME2012! There is no minimum purchase which means you can get items as low as FREE since products start as low as $15 and you just pay the shipping! Paper Coterie makes beautiful, quality products- posters, photobooks, stationary, gifts and more. I had taken advantage of one of their offers in the past and ordered a 30×20 poster. I was so impressed with the quality- it really came out great!

I took a picture of mine with Austin in front of it so you can see just how impressive the size is. It is one of my most absolute favorite pictures of him with a missing tooth and that smile I love so much!

While there are tons of things you can do with your credit- I like the 30×20 posters since they are made of a thin, yet durable, breathable fabric and have a special adhesive so they will stick and re-stick to just about any surface and they won’t tear. Mine actually hangs on a textured wall and has been up for over 9 months with no issues- no peeling up at the corners or anything but will easily peel off if I ever need to move it! If you are interested in ordering the poster just look under the “Decor” Category.

But like I said- use the $40 Off code on whatever you wish – as they have lots to choose from under $40. This is a limited time offer- so take advantage of enjoying these quality personalized products you can get as low as FREE while the offer lasts!

HOW TO GET YOUR $40 Credit:
Visit Paper Coterie HERE and click on “Sign In” at top right and then “Become a Member” and create your account. Once you are signed up and in- choose the product(s) you like and customize how you wish and proceed to checkout. Enter the code WELCOME2012 to get $40 Off your order. There is no minimum order, but credit will not apply to the shipping. If your order is less than $40 it will be FREE but you will need to pay the shipping which starts at around $6 but varies depending on what you order.

On a side note- Maria just e-mailed me a picture of her Memory Keeper shown at left which she just received. She was absolutely thrilled with how it came out and I can see why- it looks great! She used a picture of her children at Niagra Falls over the summer for the cover and plans to fill it with momentos and pictures from their trip. She was very happy with the quality, how sturdy, big and deep it is too- and even took a picture of it next to a water bottle to give you a size reference at just how big and roomy it is. Thanks so much Maria for sharing!

The Memory Keeper Boxes are great for all kinds of things- and they have all sorts of templates- School Days perfect for saving treasured artwork or schoolwork that you want to save, New Baby, Wedding and more! I am thinking about making one to keep all our Disney memories in, like pins, autographs, pictures, buttons and other momentos. But again- keep in mind you can use your New Member $40 Credit with code WELCOME2012 for whatever you want! There’s lots of product choices- but so little time as you only have thru tomorrow 9/23 to get this deal!

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  1. I have tried and tried to create a poster on this site to no end. I have tried different browsers, different computer, different internet locations and updated Flash and Java and no success. Their customer service hours are only M-F. I wanted to make a poster and they have so many cute things, but I am not finding this website to be user friendly. If other people are having success I wonder if I am doing something wrong.

  2. I agree!! I have memory keepers from them and am very impressed with the quality! Made my MIL sign up to make me one for my pregnancy! 🙂

  3. I ordered the poster like the one in your post when you first up this deal and I just got mine and I want to say thank you so much! Its awesome! We will be moving soon, so I saved the backing it came on for easy packing but for now its hanging up and looks beautiful!

  4. Thanks for this. We just received the memory box. I plan to use it to keep all of my daughters things from the hospital. It’s beautiful.

  5. That’s awesome Maria- I know that shipping is a little high- but boy oh boy the quality of their products is so worth it and even after having to pay the shipping the final cost is still a fraction of what it would be. and yes I would love a picture of it- I have been considering getting one of those boxes and would love to see how yours came out! [email protected]. Thanks!

  6. Kerri thx for the heads up on this! I just received the photo box I ordered, it was 13 bucks or so after discount. It’s huge! I’ll email a pic for ur post if u need, thx again! It’s amazing!

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