New $1/1 Land O Lakes Saute Express Coupon

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Right now you can grab a new coupon valid for $1.00 off one LAND O LAKES Saute Express. I just noticed these new at my Target last week, but I an not sure on the price. I want to say around $2.59 but I am not positive. They are a meal starter that combines butter, olive oil, herbs and spices in one easy square to use in preparing easy chicken, fish or pork. Each box contains six squares  and they come in 4 different flavors.

I am not sure if they will be a regional item or not for Target- but if you are interested in trying them- it’s a nice high value coupon to grab while it lasts.

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  1. They were at my store in Colorado, just the other day. Full price was $3.49 and was on price cut(I think) for $2.79

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