Save Gas Money by Joining the Fuel Rewards Network

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If you are in one of the following states- Florida, Arkansas, Louisiana, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Rhode Island, Utah & Washington DC- here’s a great way to save on gas…

Fuel prices can hit the budget pretty hard, so here’s a way to save money on gas! Just join the Fuel Rewards Network – it’s FREE to join – and you can earn rewards when you shop or dine. Then just redeem your rewards to save on fuel!

It only takes a few minutes to get started, and you can choose to pick up your loyalty card or have it mailed to you. Then, use your card and earn when you make purchases at participating grocers, dine at select restaurants, or shop the online mall. It’s very easy to earn rewards AND if you have an iPhone you can get the app so that you can even get current fuel prices at gas stations near you and more! Just go HERE to sign up for the FREE Fuel Rewards Network program.

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  1. We also have it in Wisconsin. But a note about this is not all Shell stations participate or have the system for it. I signed up for my local grocery stores reward card and Shell fuel rewards is included on the card. For ever $50 spent at the store we get .05/gl off though I can’t remember the cap for that and the rewards reset every month. Last night we got .25 off!!! I have no idea how we spent that much at the grocery store in one month but I guess we did.

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