New $1/1 Jergens Printable Coupon to Stack With

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UPDATE: Sorry, MQ is gone now folks! But you can still grab the Target Coupon.

You can grab a new coupon valid for $1.00 off any (1) Jergens Daily Moisture or Daily Moisture Fragrance Free Moisturizer (10 oz or larger).

We also still have a stack for this new coupon- a $1/1 Jergens Skin Care Lotion ETS Target Coupon x11/3 that will give you $2 off this product.

These are new products so I am not familiar with the prices yet- but if anyone does a price check please leave a comment. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. You are right Kerry it was the ultra healing, but still a great deal! I found the $2 off coupon for Jergens in the Sunday paper, but it was a few weeks ago so I am not sure what date.

  2. DID find Target coupon (although why it’s not under health of personal care I do not know). But seriously, I’ve tried 3 different zip codes on not seeing it

  3. Now I can’t find it on Target website… I looked under healthcare and personal care. Am I blind??? LOL

  4. I would be really surprised- but very happy if the Daily Moistire varieties were 3.29. But last time I looked- th eonly kind at that price was for Ultra Healing – which unfortunately is not included on this coupon.

  5. At Target I purchased three 10 oz bottles which retailed at $3.29 and used (3) $2/1 manufactured coupons plus (3) $1/1 Target coupon at received each bottle for $0.29. Their are 10oz with 25% more in them!

  6. That comment was referring to a different formula..The daily moisture is $3.29 according to another coupon blogger (the 10oz. bottle)

  7. according to their website it is on price cut for $4.99 (normally $5.99) – I’m going to look tomorrow (just got a new tattoo) – I needed to buy lotion anyways so this is perfect timing. Hopefully the online price isn’t too far from the in store price

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